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Is it Worth Paying for Packing When you Move?

There’s no way around it: moving is a lot of work. Between decluttering your space, putting everything you own into boxes, and lifting them onto a truck, you have your hands full. Do you have some anxiety about the time commitment of your impending move? If so, hiring a moving company is a great way to save yourself some work.  Still, you might wonder if paying for packing is really worth it.

Here’s what you need to know.

Is it Time to let Someone Else do the Heavy Lifting?

If you are like most people, you’ve moved your own household several times. And because of this experience, you know how exhausting the process can be. If you are moving with kids, pets, a busy schedule, or a large household, hiring professional movers may be just what you need to enjoy this move more than the others. Here are a few perks of working with a moving team:

  • Less stress and anxiety. Life doesn’t stop just because you’re moving. When you hire a team to do the packing for you, you can focus more on your daily to-do list and less on putting everything in boxes. Moving is a big enough transition, as is. Why make it harder by adding the extra stress of a DIY move?

  • Convenience. Moving teams already have everything they need to move your household. They’re not scrambling to buy boxes, find dollys, and rent a truck. As a result, hiring movers is a convenient way to get from Point A to Point B.

  • Security. How confident are you that you can really move Grandma’s antique china cabinet without breaking anything? Hiring a professional moving company to pack for you protects your valuables and ensures they’ll get to your final destination safely. It also provides comprehensive insurance coverage you can rely on in case something does happen.

  • Cost savings. While hiring a moving company is an investment, you may actually save money down the road. Consider what you’ll save in supplies, equipment, time, and broken items, and the value adds up quickly.

  • Time-savings. Professional moving teams get the job done fast. This allows you to streamline your move and start settling into your new home quicker.

Master Movers: Your Trusted Moving Company

Whether you’re facing a local or a long-distance move, our team wants to simplify it for you. Offering comprehensive moving services to customers along the West Coast and across the world, our team prides itself on our professionalism, reliability, and efficiency. Let us help you pack your belongings, arrange your move, and unpack at your new home. No matter what you need, we care for your family like it’s our family – every step of the way.

Ready to learn more about our moving & packing services, and how we can save you stress and anxiety? Contact us today to request your free moving estimate or to start booking your move.