Mistakes to avoid

The Most Common Moving Mistakes

While it’s wonderful to experience different places, moving isn’t most people’s favorite thing. If you’re someone who hasn’t moved many times it can be quite overwhelming. Not being familiar with the tasks on your moving checklist can result in one or many of them being overlooked or underestimated. To help you avoid moving mishaps, we’ve…

moving to a new climate

Moving to a Different Climate

Moving to an area with a different climate doesn’t necessarily mean a cross-country or even long-distance move. In some regions of the country, like here in the Pacific Northwest, you could experience a dramatically different climate just a few towns away. It’s typically wet here in Portland, but in Bend for example, it’s quite dry….

Tips for Curb Appeal That Sells

10 Tips for Curb Appeal That Sells

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to real estate. When looking for a new home, the National Association of Realtors suggests that 63% of prospective buyers will drive by a home they’ve seen on the Internet before contacting the seller. When that happens, what will a buyer think of your home? What impression…