Moving your dog with Master Movers in Portland, Oregon

Moving with Pets in the Pacific Northwest

As Portland movers, we’ve seen it all. Pomeranians pitching in by playing as home alarm systems, Border Collies helping out by shepherding an entire move. We’ve even come across a Golden Retriever red-pawed attempting to eat an ink cartridge. (Don’t worry: we got to the owner just in time, and the Golden Retriever was fine.)…

master movers food donations

Guide to Donating Food in Portland

An essential element of the moving process is decluttering. Particularly when moving across states, donating food items both a more efficient and more economical option than trying to transport it all. Portland Nonprofits Accepting Food Donations A reference list of the places in Portland committed to bringing food those less privileged in our community: Move…

tipping Portland movers

Am I Supposed to Tip My Movers?

Are tips expected?

In a nutshell, tips are completely optional. While employees in the moving industry do appreciate a thoughtful tip, our crew at Master Movers in Portland never enters a job expecting an extra tip.

That said, if you happen to feel that a team or particular crew member went truly above and beyond expectations, a kind tip would be well-received.