Moving your dog with Master Movers in Portland, Oregon

Moving with Pets in the Pacific Northwest

As Portland movers, we’ve seen it all. Pomeranians pitching in by playing as home alarm systems, Border Collies helping out by shepherding an entire move.

We’ve even come across a Golden Retriever red-pawed attempting to eat an ink cartridge. (Don’t worry: we got to the owner just in time, and the Golden Retriever was fine.)

Whether you are moving from Beaverton to Sellwood or from downtown Portland to Tigard, we are here to provide you with some tips on how to make your move with much loved pups smooth and stress-free.

Top 3 Tips for Moving with Canine Companions

Today we are here to tell you how to make moving day a bit less stressful for your pup, and also a lot less stressful for you.

Dog On Vacation at Beach

1. Treat your pup to a fun-tastic vacation.

We really think this is the best option.

Does Grandma have a house on the beach? Whether you have a Fido or Felix, treat your pup to a glorious vacation. Sunbathe him, shampoo him, help him get his happy dust-tan on. Give him the adventure of a lifetime, so that you can prepare for your next journey with one less thing to worry about.

2. Wear your dog out.

If an exotic vacation for your pup is a out of your budget or doesn’t work with scheduling, then do absolutely everything you can to completely and utterly exhaust your pup.

A morning run through Laurelhurst Park? A few hours of romping around at Mt. Tabor? Or a splendid and exhausting several hours of fetch in the backyard.

We suggest tiring your dog out to the point where they can just sleep through the move; where they won’t react to external stimuli.

Strangers, boxes, loud sounds: it’s a lot of commotion. Make your dog so incredibly tired that they might—just might—sleep through it.

A thirsty and tired Golden Retriever lies in the water channel with her tongue hanging out of her mouth.3. Give your dog their own private throne room.

Say what? Yup! Give your dog their own throne, an area where they can feel safe, secure, and are completely isolated from sounds.

If you are moving items from the bedroom and want to put your dog in the bathroom, think twice. Does your pup feel comfortable there? See if you can bring in a blanket or something to make them feel more at home.

Home kennels are a wonderful, wonderful thing. If your dog is already kennel-trained, consider using the kennel during the move.

Pet-Friendly Moving Services in Portland, OR

We at Master Movers adore dogs. We are here to make your move as smooth and easy as possible, and completely stress-free. For some friendly, upbeat, pup-loving moving services, don’t hesitate to contact us today! 503-762-1288.