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Tips for the First Time Mover

Preparing for your first big move can be stressful, whether it be moving out on your own to an apartment after graduation, buying your first home, or relocating to a new state.

Moving is a big life change that involves nailing down a lot of logistics. However, you can make the process less intimidating with some careful planning. If you’re a first time mover, read on to discover some practical tips to make this transition an exciting time in your life.

Get a Helping Handfirst time mover - get organized

Remember you don’t have to move alone. There are plenty of professionals that can help do some heavy lifting for you to make things easier. Moving to a new home can be overwhelming, especially for first time movers. One of the best people to help with suggestions on where to live is your realtor. With their expertise and experience, they’ll guide you through the home-buying or rental process and can give suggestions so your move is as smooth and stress-free as possible. From providing specifics about the neighborhood and your new home, to answering frequently asked questions; your realtor has got you covered. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with them for all the help you need during this exciting time.

In addition to a realtor, you may find it beneficial to consult other professionals in the community that are organizing and moving experts. For instance to help you move, you may want to consult a professional organizer for guidance. They can help you to declutter, donate, and organize your belongings so you have fewer things to worry about moving.

Once you’ve got your move date nailed down, definitely consider the benefits of a professional local and long-distance moving company. An experienced company like Master Movers will take care of transporting, packing, and expertly moving your treasured items into your new space. 

Consider Your Options For a New Residence

When moving for the first time you should thoroughly explore your options. Getting comfortable with the transition means choosing the right living arrangement for your desired lifestyle. If you’re looking to rent a place, would you feel more comfortable renting a single-family home, or would you prefer the convenience of a townhome or apartment with amenities to enjoy? Each comes with its own perks. Determine your budget and what’s worth spending your rent on while still being able to save up for life’s major purchases.

If you’re looking to buy a home it’s also important to weigh your options carefully. This includes understanding that you’re most likely not going to be buying your forever home and that there’s nothing wrong with buying a starter home and upgrading later. Homeownership comes with lots of costs, and it’s crucial to know what goes into navigating the ropes of buying and living in your new home. To make things easier, put together your home-buying budget by getting a mortgage pre-approval. Check options such as a fifteen year mortgage rate, or an FHA loan to see what your payment would look like. Getting your budget and wish list in order can help you make the most educated decision when securing the right property for you.

Declutter & Get Organized
first time mover - pets

Most people think of organization while moving is simply picking up your moving boxes and decluttering. Although this is an important step, there are many other areas of your life you should organize to prep for your move. If you’re looking to set up services in your new place or ensure all your subscriptions carry over without a delay, you won’t want to wait until the last minute to inform them of your move. Sit down and make a list of bills you receive or services you will need to have sent to you. Having a list will allow you to inform those that need to know about your new address.

Be sure to update your address with USPS and have all your mail forwarded. For moving to a new area you will also want to make a list of services you need to find, such as exploring your options for healthcare providers and having copies of your medical records, looking for a vet or way to help your pet adjust to your new home for instance. These are things that can be easily overlooked as they are not physical belongings that we would normally just box up. 

Start Exploring Your New Neighborhood

Getting more familiar with your new neighborhood can help you feel right at home. If you’re moving long distances, find ways to start making connections. Look for a group on social media like Facebook, which often has pages for moving to X city or search for local groups to start meeting people. This can be a great way to learn more about what your area has to offer and help you get acquainted so you won’t feel like an outsider.

There are plenty of great ways to help you make new friends in your new city. This advice also holds true for a local move. Go check out coffee shops and local boutique businesses in your new neighborhood. This can help you discover your next favorite place to shop, dine, and mingle. Doing these things will help you acclimate to your new town quickly.

Build Your Support Systemfirst time mover - make new friends

It’s important to build a support system for moving for the first time. Don’t be shy to reach out to friends and family members that have experience moving. They can talk to you about things to look out for, what to avoid, and what worked for them in making their move easier. Having friends by your side can help to build your confidence and ease stress. They can be there to lean on and relieve tension if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Remember to communicate your moving plans and timeline with those close to you, perhaps they can make things easier by lending a hand to lighten the load. In addition, talk to your friends and family about staying connected if you’re moving long distance. Consider getting a place big enough to comfortably accommodate your guests who will come for a visit. If you’re staying local, plan to host a house or apartment warming party to have some fun and show off your new space. 

Set Realistic Expectations 

You probably have been picturing how your move will play out. Perhaps you’ve been thinking the grass is greener on the other side, or your move will be easy, or on the flip side, you may be optimistic. Either way, it’s important to go with the flow. Moving can be alot. Scheduling downtime can help you to relax and be healthy for your move. You don’t want to be constantly on the go and cramming in preparation activities without proper rest.

Don’t neglect self-care and be sure to make it a high priority. Even if you do feel stressed or nervous it’s important to remember that your moving journey will be a work in progress and you will surely learn and grow along the way. Be sure to set realistic expectations and not put too much pressure on yourself. Give yourself time to ease into your new lifestyle and routine. It will take some time for you to acclimate and get into the swing of things with your routine. 

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Remember to make the most out of your move. Moving for the first time presents you with a great opportunity to explore and grow as a person. The more you get out there, you will soon become a pro at making big moves. Get your game plan in place, breath, and enjoy the process with Master Movers right by your side. Contact us for your complimentary estimate!