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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Master Movers, we answer all of your frequently asked questions thoroughly and up front. Want to know about packing supplies? Insurance costs? Storage? It's all here.

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Do you handle large office moves?

Yes. We are seasoned commercial movers and we never shy away from big projects. Master Movers has the equipment, personnel, and experience to move floors and floors worth of cubes, desks, and sensitive machinery. You can count on us to make your office move efficient, protect your equipment, and help you hit the ground running in your new building. And, the safety and security of your items is always guaranteed.

If my new home isn’t ready, can you store my belongings?

Absolutely. Regardless of your situation, we make it a top priority to keep your items safe and secure. We’ll store an entire home worth of belongings or just your holiday decorations. We start by taking a detailed inventory of things that need to be accounted for so that nothing is ever lost. We also take note of their conditions so that if by some chance things get damaged, you’ll be covered. All stored items are sealed in vaults or containers to prevent tampering and our warehouse is climate-controlled to save your items from extreme temperatures.

Am I protected against damage or loss while my shipment is in transit?

Yes. However, the amount of protection you have and the cost of that protection will depend on the valuation option you select. It’s important to note that this coverage is not considered insurance, but will determine our liability for your belongings.

Local Valuation options  are as follows:

Released Value Protection: This option pays up to 60 cents per pound per article for any lost or damaged item. For example, it would pay a maximum of $30.00 for a 50-pound table ($.60 x 50 lbs.). This coverage option comes standard and there is no extra charge.

Depreciated Value Protection: The weight of your goods is multiplied by a given price per pound to figure its value, or you may declare a lump sum value for your goods. The greater of the two value figures will be used to calculate the amount you must pay for this protection. Ask your mover for the current price of this option. Any items lost or damaged are subject to depreciation under this option.

Replacement Cost Protection: The weight of your goods is multiplied by a given price per pound to figure its value, or you may declare a value of $10,000 or more. The greater of the two value figures will be used to calculate the amount you must pay for this protection. Ask your mover for the current price of this option.

Do you background-check your team members?

Yes. The character and integrity of our team is something we take a lot of pride in, and we believe this sets us apart from other moving companies. Each staff member goes through a rigorous background check before they’re hired to ensure that our customers are never put at risk. We’re also one of the only companies in the area to employ a Certified Moving Consultant who keeps us up to date on best moving practices and ethics.

Are there items that cannot go on the truck?

The most common items we generally don’t like to move are plants, because they rarely survive extended periods inside the trailer. Additionally, if you’re moving long distance, most states will not allow plants (and other things like produce, combustibles, and things that might harbor insects) to enter, so be sure to understand your state’s regulations before moving any belongings in your own vehicle. We also do not transport liquids of any kind, not matter how they are contained.

View the Wheaton What Not to Pack List (PDF)

What should I do with particularly valuable items?

Items of extraordinary value, such as antiques or jewelry, can be included in your shipment as long as you notify us prior to your moving day. If you have any belongings that are irreplaceable, we strongly recommend that you carry those items with you or make special arrangements for their transport.

How should I prepare my home for moving day?

To get your home ready for the crew, we ask that you remove anything from entryways and walkways that may obstruct movement. Take specified doors off of their hinges if you know that some of your furniture will not fit through otherwise. Also take up any rugs from areas where our crew might trip on them. We will further prepare your home with floor runners and door jam protectors to prevent the little dings and scuffs that can occur in the loading process.

What is an order for service?

Before we transport your shipment, we will prepare a written agreement, or “order for service” describing all of the services requested for your household move or commercial relocation. It will list the agreed upon charges, including the amount of valuation or coverage you’ve requested, the dates for pickup and delivery, and contact information where we can reach you during the move. The order for service must be signed by you and Master Movers Moving & Storage.

What are binding, non-binding, not-to-exceed estimates and addendums?

There are a few different ways in which we can come to an agreement on the cost and other details of your move. First is the binding estimate. This is a contract specifying, in advance, the expected moving costs based on the services needed at the time of the estimate. This would be the amount you would pay regardless of any variation in transportation expenses that may occur. If additional services are requested on load day or at your destination, extra charges may apply as an addendum to your order for service.

In a non-binding contract, we will take you through the estimating process so that we can determine and agree upon a “ballpark” figure. At the destination, you will receive an invoice for the actual weight of your shipment and the actual cost of the moving services.

A not-to-exceed estimate is an estimate that is fixed at a certain figure and it is stipulated that the moving company may not go over that figure when calculating the total cost of the move at the end. However, unlike binding estimates, the total cost of the move still may be less than the original quote if the total weight of the shipment and or services performed end up being lower than the amount initially estimated.

How is the cost of my move calculated?

Costs are based on the weight of your shipment and the mileage we cover in transit, which are referred to as transportation charges. Various other fees may appear on you estimate, such as packing and crating, value coverage, oversized items, and additional labor. We will gladly go over each charge with you so that you fully understand the total cost.

What’s involved in an in-home estimate?

We will send one of our Certified Moving Consultants to your home so that we can evaluate the scope of the move. To make an accurate estimate we will need to peek in attics, cabinets, and closets and look under beds for what needs to be packed, which we will do with the utmost respect. If you know of any items that you have stored out of view, it’s important to point those out. Also let us know if you plan on getting rid of anything that’s in your home before the move. When this evaluation is completed, our Certified Moving Consultant will calculate the overall weight, packing costs, and any other charges related to your move.

When should I contact you to schedule moving services?

Starting early will always ensure that you find the best moving company to handle your move. So, for example, if you need to submit estimates to your employer for relocation, scheduling in-home surveys and getting quotes from movers six weeks ahead of time (or more during peak moving season) is recommended.

With that being said, Master Movers Moving & Storage is always available last minute. If you need help in a pinch, we can have a crew at your door right away.