4 Home Items That Make Moving Tricky

4 Home Items That Make Moving Tricky

Beyond the boxes of dishes and the heavy furniture pieces there are a few specific items that are especially difficult to move. These heavy, cumbersome and delicate items require tender loving care, preparation, and often times, the help of an experienced moving professional. If you are planning a move from Vancouver, Wa. to Beaverton, Or. or from San Francisco to a condo on Division St. in SE Portland and have difficult items on to move, don’t hesitate to call us for help.

Here are four possessions that are particularly hard to move from one home to another, and a few of our tips for moving them successfully.


If you need to transport a 1,200-pound grand piano, you already know you’re going to need professional help, but even a “small” upright piano is near impossible to move without hiring a pro. These instruments are oddly shaped and extremely heavy, making them difficult to get through doorways and up or down staircases. In fact, professional movers have been known to use a crane to hoist a piano over a balcony or through a window. If your home has a large, accessible sliding door, you’re in luck.


Over the years, refrigerators have gotten much larger and more complicated, making them more of a bear to move. First, you’ll need to remove all the contents and either save it in a cooler or toss it out. (If you’re moving long distance it’s best to just dispose of it all.) Disconnect the water line  and let the icemaker run one full cycle without water supply to avoid residual water in the line. Then, unplug the refrigerator and let the freezer defrost. This could take up to 8 hours or more depending on the state of the freezer, so plan this as an overnight task if you can. Once it’s thawed and dry, tape the shelves and drawers in place or remove and pack them. (Be careful when using tape as it could damage the refrigerator’s finishes). Wrap up the power cord and tightly secure the doors shut. Then, with at least two people and a dolly or moving straps, slowly move the fridge being careful not to damage it or the walls and door jams. Avoid setting your refrigerator on its side at any time, as this can cause fluid damage.


If just handling artwork is stressful, then moving it can feel like walking a tightrope. Art almost always holds sentimental value, and some art is rare and/or expensive, so damaging it is out of the question. What’s worse is things like this are also usually delicate and difficult to pack.

When packing frames, generously wrap each one in bubble wrap and then tape pieces of cardboard to each corner and side to protect it. The noted preparation should always be followed up with a full sided box. Several wrapped frames can then be packed together into one box for easy transport depending on the depth of the box.

If you’re packing sculptures, wrap them in bubble wrap as well, and then pack them tightly in a box with peanuts or more bubble wrap to protect it. Make sure there is nothing loose or shifting before sealing the box. Also be sure the weight of the box can handle the weight of the sculpture. The last thing you want is to have a blow-out on the cardboard from a concrete statue. Some items do require crating in order to move it safely.


Today’s TVs can be quite large and cumbersome to carry, and the ever-skinnier monitors are the most easily damaged. The best way to move a TV yourself if you saved the original packaging, is to put it back in the manufacturers box. If you did not save the carton and the TV will fit in your vehicle be sure you give it plenty of space and secure it so that it will not shift with at least a sheet or blanket between the screen and any surface. Don’t try to cram a whole car full, you may end up damaging the screen or pedestal. Both methods need care to protect the TV. If you decide to put your TV back into the box, make sure the original packing still holds the TV tightly so that it doesn’t shift around in transit.

**Specifically, if you’re moving a plasma TV, the manufacturer will usually caution to never lay the screen face down on the floor or you could damage the unit.

Breaking any one of these items would be devastating, not to mention costly. If you’re planning to move any of these or other hard-to-move items, make the safe choice and call Master Movers Moving & Storage! We do carry piano dollies for the pianos, variable sized boxes for the flat screen televisions and for the flat art, as well as specialized dollies for your convenience.

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