Stay safe when moving by changing the locks in your new home.

Stay Safe While Moving to a New Home

You’re moving to a new home! It’s exciting and a lot of work. You’ll have the opportunity to make friends and explore a new neighborhood. You’ll no doubt want to spend the first few weeks in your new place making it feel comfortable, cozy and organized. Part of feeling comfortable at home is feeling safe….

Long Distance Moving to a city such as Portland, Oregon means negotiating narrow streets and busy sidewalks.

5 Tips for Moving to a City

Are you considering a move from the suburbs to the city? Whether your destination is downtown Portland or another Pacific Northwest city, there are many reasons to get excited about an urban relocation. The nightlife, cultural diversity and career opportunities are a few of the reasons why people move to a city. What are the…

A home inventory is essential before moving.

Protect Yourself With a Home Inventory

Do you have an up-to-date list of everything in your home? A home inventory is essential if your house is damaged or burglarized. It’s documentation that will help you estimate the value of your property and file an insurance claim. Knowing what you own helps you when you’re getting ready to move or place items…