Long Distance Moving to a city such as Portland, Oregon means negotiating narrow streets and busy sidewalks.

5 Tips for Moving to a City

Are you considering a move from the suburbs to the city? Whether your destination is downtown Portland or another Pacific Northwest city, there are many reasons to get excited about an urban relocation. The nightlife, cultural diversity and career opportunities are a few of the reasons why people move to a city.

What are the special considerations for moving to an urban setting? Unlike moving to a house in the suburbs, where you probably have a driveway, urban moves require coping with narrow streets and crowded sidewalks. Here’s what to keep in mind before packing up and heading for the city.

Timing Is Key

Cities are known of bustle and traffic. Try to move during a time that won’t disturb other residents or place you in the middle of rush-hour traffic. Work with your moving company to schedule an appropriate time for your move.

Master Movers has years of experience moving people into Portland neighborhoods such as the Pearl District and Sellwood, and we can advise you on the logistics of your move.

Park It Here

City parking can be extremely limited. You may need to arrange for moving-day parking for your vehicle and moving van. Speak with your future landlord or building manager to arrange or reserve space for your vehicles.

Find out ahead of time what the rules are for loading or unloading on the street to which you’re moving. Master Movers is experienced at moving in areas with limited parking. We’ll create as little inconvenience as possible for your new neighbors.

Elevator Going Up!

Does your new high-rise residence have a freight elevator? If so, you may be able to reserve the it. Using an elevator and entrance for freight means you won’t have to work around residents, and your movers can quickly get your belongings off the truck and into your home.

Keep It Safe

If you’re moving yourself, you’ll need someone to watch over your belongings. Don’t leave your things unattended, either on the street or in common areas of the building. When Master Movers handles the move, we’ll keep your property secure at every point of the trip.

Consider how you’ll negotiate secured areas of a building. For instance, don’t prop open locked doors while you move. If you can, station someone from your family or group near the door to help you quickly move through secured areas.

Be a Courteous Neighbor

On moving day, be aware of how the move might inconvenience people around you. Consider introducing yourself to neighbors. Let them know when you’ll be moving and that streets or entry ways could temporarily be blocked.

Master Movers can get you in or out of many tight situations, from narrow stairways to crowded streets. Contact us for more information about making your move into the city stress-free.