retail business move

How to Plan a Retail Business Move

Moving a store requires killer organizational skills. There’s a lot at stake when you plan a retail business move to an unfamiliar address. You need to find a top-rate commercial mover. You have to let customers and venders know about the move. Inventory, equipment and documents need to be safeguarded. Handling it all is too…

Fast meals on moving day can be made ahead in a crockpot.

4 Fast Meals to Beat Moving-Day Hunger

You just moved into a new place. You’ve been working hard getting the place organized. You’re hungry. Your family’s hungry. Blood sugar’s dipping and people are getting cranky. You need to throw together some fast meals, but your kitchen is still in boxes. What to do? Order another pizza? Swing through the nearest fast-food drive-through…

Friends having fun at a bowling alley.

How to Make Friends After Moving to Portland

Welcome to Portland! We’re happy you’re here. Although Portland is a friendly city, moving to any town where you don’t know people is hard. Master Movers has been a Portland moving company since 1992. We’ve helped thousands of people settle into the Rose City. Here’s some of what we’ve learned about making friends in Portland….