Fast meals on moving day can be made ahead in a crockpot.

4 Fast Meals to Beat Moving-Day Hunger

You just moved into a new place. You’ve been working hard getting the place organized. You’re hungry. Your family’s hungry. Blood sugar’s dipping and people are getting cranky.

You need to throw together some fast meals, but your kitchen is still in boxes. What to do? Order another pizza? Swing through the nearest fast-food drive-through again? NOOO!

With a little imagination, you can feed yourself and your family during a move without resorting to meal after meal of junk food. If you’ve relocating to the Pearl District, Laurelhurst or another of of Portland’s neighborhoods, you have great options for putting together a delicious fast meal.

At Master Movers, we’re here to take the stress out of your residential move. We’ll pack, unpack, drive the van and get your dishes and appliances safely into your new home.

We can’t help you with the cooking, but here are four ideas for putting together fast meals.

1. Food Carts Are Quintessential Portland

Portland’s streets are rife with these mini-restaurants on wheels. Food carts are a tasty way to explore a neighborhood’s offerings. There are about 500 food carts throughout Portland. They’re often nestled in with stores and businesses you’ll want to get familiar with.

Do you love Korean food while your kids prefer Mexican? No problem. The vendors are clustered in pods. Each member of the family can get what they want even if they like different things. Find everyone’s favorites on this regularly updated food-cart map.

2. Stew or Soup For Hearty, Fast Meals

There’s nothing like the simmering aroma of a soup, stew or a favorite one-pot dish to make everyone feel at home. If your kitchen is already unpacked, it only takes a few minutes to put together a nutritious meal that will more or less cook itself.

Throw the ingredients into a crock pot and enjoy the anticipation of a hot, hearty meal while you continue settling in to your new home. If you don’t have a slow-cooker, go buy one! They’re easy, cheap and dead convenient. Here’s a bunch of recipes to get you started.

3. Who Need Plates When You Have a Grill

Do you have a grill? Setting up a grill is simple in comparison to getting a kitchen organized. If you’re new to Oregon, there’s no time like the present to get acclimated to the rainy, outdoor lifestyle. Make a quick trip to the store for charcoal, meat and finger foods. Don’t forget paper plates. This meal requires no pots or pans and leaves no dirty dishes. And who knows, you might meet a neighbor or two once the smell of sizzling BBQ begins wafting next door.

4. Sandwich Bar for Grab-and-Go Goodness

Did you arrive at your house before the moving van? Even if your belongings are still in transit, you can fix a meal at home with easy-to-assemble foods. Sandwiches are a classic choice. Put out a spread of deli rolls and fixings. Let everyone assemble their own sandwich. Have a mix of sides on hand, too. If you have a cooler, throw a bag of ice in with the leftovers. Cold sandwiches make a great snack.

Master Movers is your full-service Portland, Oregon residential moving company. With the exception of snacks, we have everything you need to relocate. Contact us today for a free estimate.