retail business move

How to Plan a Retail Business Move

Moving a store requires killer organizational skills. There’s a lot at stake when you plan a retail business move to an unfamiliar address. You need to find a top-rate commercial mover. You have to let customers and venders know about the move. Inventory, equipment and documents need to be safeguarded.

Handling it all is too big a job for one person. You’ll need to delegate tasks to key employees. Finding an experienced commercial moving company early in the process will also help take the pressure off. When you’re ready to go ahead with a retail business move, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Hire an Experienced Commercial Mover

Not all Portland moving companies are equipped to handle a retail business move. You’ll want to make sure your moving company has the know-how and equipment to handle merchandise, store displays and sensitive customer records.

Leave the Packing to Professionals

Moving a business requires expert packing. The quality of your products are central to sales. They must arrive at your new location in pristine condition. Don’t leave the packing to employees. Your staff’s expertise lies elsewhere.

The Master Movers team is trained in security protocols for confidential documents and other valuable items. We’ll put together an organized plan for packing, moving, storing and securing your property. We’ll even appoint a site supervisor to oversee the work.

Create a Schedule

Mark the day of your re-opening on the calendar. That’s the day when everything has to be in place and ready for customers. Work backwards from that date, allowing ample time for everything that needs to get done. Work from a master to-do list. Make sure each item has a due date.

Get input from employees and your moving company. They can help you establish the time needed to complete various tasks.

Delegate the Details

Enlist the help of your staff. Assign one person to head up the organization of the retail business move. This person might be you, or a manager in your store. The team leader will delegate work to others. Every item on your to-list should be assigned to someone on the team. Don’t forget such things as updating your website, ordering new stationery, finding contractors to revamp the new location.

Establish the Floor Plan

Have a place for everything you’re moving. With a plan in place, your commercial mover can unpack and place items in their new location. Moving heavy items from the moving van directly into their ultimate position saves you a ton of work later on. If it’s not possible to get everything in its proper spot, Master Movers can help you set up a staging area. When it’s time rearrange your store, we offer a convenient on-site moving service.

Master Movers is tops among commercial moving companies in Portland, OR. Our employees have passed background checks. They are friendly, helpful and careful. Contact us for an estimate!