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Enlist Professional Packing Help to Avoid Damages to Your Belongings

Have you ever wondered why professional packing companies use consistent sizes of boxes when packing up your home? It actually protects your belongings and makes packing easier. Packing correctly and using quality packing products save your items from unexpected damage during a move.

Consistent Sized Moving Boxes

As professional packing company boxes get loaded onto a moving truck you may notice something. All the boxes are the same size! It’s not a coincidence. It’s not that all your belongings fit snuggly into those boxes. It is a deliberate plan. Not only do consistent sized and structured boxes make it easier for professional movers to arrange in a moving truck, they make for a sturdier stack less likely to topple over. This results in further protection for your items.

Small and Large Boxes May Risk Your Property

Be consistent and use appropriately sized moving boxes. Smaller boxes may seem easier to load into a moving truck, however, these sized boxes stack and travel badly. A lack of size and weight make them less likely to survive bumps, dips, stairs and other obstacles. Inconsistently shaped small boxes become harder to stack and position and increase the chances of your belongings suffering damage.

Extremely large boxes lack consistency in their shape and quality. Wardrobe boxes, for example, generally have thin cardboard. While larger boxes may seem better, thin cardboard makes them prone to ripping.

Reliable Packing

The most reliable packing is done by a professional packing and moving company like Master Movers! Master Movers provides professional moving help and provides superior packing tools that ensure all your belongings get to your destination safe and sound.

If you prefer to pack your own items, follow these tips and buy the correct packing materials.

Purchase Quality Boxes

Big box stores often value quantity over quality, which will make your items less secure. To put your mind at ease during the move, purchase from stores that specialize in moving supplies. Make sure to check the thickness of the cardboard when buying boxes.

Don’t Over Pack Boxes

Check the weight limit that the boxes can handle to avoid tearing. Do not over pack boxes. This makes the boxes harder to lift and could result in back injuries.

Purchase Other Quality Packing Supplies

Packing paper comes in handy for breakable items, since they create a barrier. Do not use newspaper for packing because the ink can stain your items. Additionally, use packing tape, not masking tape or duct tape. Packing tape is critical to sealing your boxes properly and protecting what’s inside!

Other supplies to remember when packing: broad-tipped markers for labeling, scissors, bubble wrap and a notebook to write down the list of contents packed!

Employ the Help of the Professional Packing Company, Master Movers!

Master Movers possess the professional packing experience and skills to ensure all your household items arrive without dents, breaks or tears during your move. Don’t risk any damages, call us today for a quote!