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When is the Right Time to Move?

When it comes to moving, there are all sorts of reasons people do it. That’s especially true right now, as the country’s political, social, and public health climate continues to shift. While there’s no “one-size-fits-all” rule for relocation, there are a few indications that it’s the right time to move for your family.

Here’s what you need to know.

Thinking of Relocating? Here are 5 Signs it Might be Time

Whether the thought of moving is a new one or you’ve been considering it for a while, here are a few things that suggest it might be time to go:

1. You want an upgrade (or a downsize)

Eventually, most of us either outgrow our homes. Alternatively, they outgrow us. If you’re planning to start a family, that cute little one-bedroom might not be ideal, anymore. On the other hand, if the kids are grown up and gone, the family home may suddenly feel too large.

Whatever the case may be, feeling like your current home doesn’t “fit” anymore is an excellent sign that it’s time to find something that does. And since mortgage rates are still at a historic low, now is a great time to lock in a new place.

2. Someone in the family is aging

Aging brings all sorts of things into focus. Not only do you have to think about logistics like navigating a home’s stairs or steep walkway, but you may want to think about where you want to be as you get older. It’s common for people to move closer to children or grandchildren after they retire or move to a warmer, more pleasant climate.

3. You’re hungry for change

Sometimes the reason for moving is as simple as wanderlust! If you’re looking for a change of pace, moving is a great option. Whether it’s as small as a new school zone or as ambitious as a new country, moving is a great way to shake things up.

4. You have a new job

Sometimes, accepting that dream job means changing your zip code. According to recent data, about 3% of moves are for a job-related reason. If you’re in this group, moving is a great opportunity to find work you love and explore a new place.

5. Your relationship status changed

Whether you’ve just gotten married or are currently going through a divorce, moving represents a fresh start and an opportunity to step into a new phase of life.

Moving: The First Step to Pursuing a Life You Love

Life’s too short to stay anywhere you aren’t happy. Regardless of why you’re considering relocating, now is the right time to move.

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