toss out before moving

What Things You Should Toss Out Before Moving

Moving day is a great opportunity to sort through your closet, kitchen, home office and other rooms to toss out before moving what you don’t use anymore. Sorting and throwing away can provide a cleansing feeling, as well as cut down on moving costs.

Items to Toss Out Before Moving

Moving day gives you a fresh start. Take advantage by donating all those clothes you never wear anymore. If you have dirty, stained pots and pans, get rid of them. That large leather sectional sofa beginning to sag and show its age, find it a new home. Only bring the things you own that you really use and like. Read on for more items you may want to toss out before moving.

Clothes or Shoes You Never Wear

Go through your closet with a critical eye. Are you really going to squeeze into that size 2 again? How about all those faded college T-shirts? What about those black leather boots that pinch your toes? Purging can be tough. We understand clothing can be sentimental. But clothes take up a lot of space. If you can donate a couple of boxes full of clothing to Goodwill, the Salvation Army or another charity, it can also cut down on your moving costs.

Mismatched Dishes or Glasses

So you have four clear glass dinner plates and two brown ones with vines around the edges. None of your glassware really matches either. Time to get rid of this hodgepodge and buy new sets — ones that match. Trim down the number of all those coffee mugs, too.

Additionally, go through your cabinets and around your countertops. Why keep two blenders, two knife sets and that old, dirty toaster oven? You haven’t used that bread making machine in years. If you have any other unused kitchen gadgets, donate those, too.

Outdated Electronics

Everyone has switched to laptops, tablets, phones or flat-screen TVs to watch their favorite shows. Toss out before moving that bulky, heavy tube TV taking up space in the corner of your garage. Remember, it contains harmful chemicals, so if you can’t find a new home for it, follow the proper e-waste rules. The same goes for outdated desktop computers or laptops you should stop hanging onto.

DVDs and CDs

All your movies and music can be streamed free today online with one click or a touch of your finger. Time to let go of these items. Sell them to an online reseller, give them away, or host a garage sale.

Old Toiletries and Cosmetics

You have a jar of face cream you haven’t used for years because it makes your chin all pimply. You found a better brand of deodorant and liquid soap. Release all your old bath products and ones you never use.  Time to toss them.

Cheap or Worn Out Furniture

Why junk up your new home with that sagging couch, stained lounging chair or cheap press board shelves. You need as much space on the moving truck for your other, nicer desks and tables. You can always donate them to a charity, who may even come by your house and take them off your hands for free.

Leftover Food

If you plan to make a local move, pack a cooler and take all your perishable foods with you. Otherwise, go through your refrigerator and definitely gather all your perishables, such as vegetables and condiments, to giveaway or to toss out before moving.

If you have unused non-perishable food, such as canned tuna, soups, pasta or pinto beans, in your pantry, pack these in a box and give them to a local food bank. Master Movers supports Move for Hunger and will gladly deliver our customers’ donations.

Depend on Master Movers for Your Next Move!

Toss out before moving all unnecessary, unused or outdated belongings. Then, call our friendly and expert movers at Master Movers to help you with your local or long-distance move. We have earned a reputation as a premier moving company since opening our doors in Portland, OR, in 1992. Whatever your moving needs our licensed and certified locally owned company will gladly serve you!