Unexpected costs of a budget move.

Unexpected Costs of a Budget Move

Everyone wants to save money, but when it comes to moving it’s all too easy to be penny wise but pound foolish. There are ways to make a move budget friendly. But, if you economize in the wrong areas, it may cost more in the end. Here are a few ways unexpected costs of a budget move can crop up.

Paying for the Unexpected

We’ve written before about the real costs of renting a van. There are other ways a DIY move can can cost more than anticipated. For instance, if you’ve never packed up an entire home and loaded it in a van, do you know how long it will take? If it takes longer than planned, you might have to delay your departure.

The longer you are delayed, the hire the unexpected costs of a budget move. You’ll pay for more meals and may get fees for not leaving your residence on time.

Do you know what size van to rent? If you rent a truck that’s too big, you’re paying more than needed. Choose one that’s too small, and you might end up putting things in storage.

Professional movers are quick and efficient. If you take on by yourself the huge task of relocating, it’s bound to take you longer than it takes the pros. The professionals have more know-how and man-power at their command.

Prices That Are too Good to Be True

A bargain moving company may not be all that it seems. Moving scams exist. Unethical companies exist. Protect yourself from a deal that’s too good to be true by carefully researching a moving company. Check online reviews. Contact the Better Business Bureau and make sure that your mover is licensed and insured.

Always get an estimate. In most cases, movers come to your home in order to make an estimate of moving costs. There are circumstances, such as moves within the same city, where a mover may be able to quote a price without an onsite visit.

Some Portland moving companies may charge by the hour. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, it can end up tacking on more expenses. An estimate based on weight and miles gives you a more accurate idea of your final costs.

Replacing Damaged Belongings

Getting to your new home with a bunch of broken glasses, mirrors or furniture means you’ll need to buy replacements. A reputable moving company will have protections for your valuables.

The amount of protection depends on the valuation options you choose. More importantly, a competent residential moving company will take good care of your property, packing and securing it properly throughout the move.

Friendly Movers, Transparent Costs.

Master Movers is the Portland residential moving company that efficiently gets your from point A to point B. We’ll give you an accurate estimate upfront. To learn about our costs and practices, take a look at our FAQ page. Feel free to contact us for additional questions or to schedule an in-home estimate.