top reasons people move

The Top Reasons People Move in the United States

Your growing family needs more room and you plan on moving into a bigger house with more yard space, located in a better part of town. This is one of the top reasons people move in the United States each year, according to surveys of some of the roughly 40 million people who uproot and relocate annually. Read on to find out more reasons why people move and when.

The Top Reasons People Move

Every year since 1948, the U.S. Census Bureau has conducted surveys to track why people move and where they go. The latest study was completed in 2016 and highlights the various reasons people relocate.

In the 2016 study, approximately 11.2 percent of the population of the United States moved.  The reasons for relocating were pretty much the same as the previous few years, including:

  • 42.2 percent of people moved because of housing
  • 27.7 percent said they moved for family reasons
  • 20.2 percent moved because of a job
  • 10.2 percent cited other reasons for moving

Housing includes reasons such as living in a nicer home or apartment, owning a home instead of renting, and the desire to reside in a better neighborhood.

When Do People Move?

Of the roughly 40 million people who move each year, 80 percent pick the summer months between May and September, according to the American Moving and Storage Association.

Summertime consistently ranks as the most attractive season for moving in part because of warmer weather, children being out of school, many companies’ business slowing down making it a good time to transfer employees, and home sales picking up during this peak period.

The highest demand for movers during the summer actually occurs in June (14.1 percent), July (12.6 percent) and August (11.5 percent). Meanwhile, weekends and the beginning and ending of each month tend to be the busiest.  Planning your move during a slower time can help with availability and sometimes cost.

Avoid a Stressful Move

Top reasons people move may include your’s, such as needing a larger space, a job transfer, or to be closer to family. Whatever the reason moving can be stressful.  University Hospitals in their “Better Living Articles” indicate that moving is the third most stressful life event  after death of a spouse and divorce.  There are multiple steps you can take to minimize that stress and make it as positive as possible.

In our recent article about how to “Take the Stress out of your Move,” we list ideas, such as making a checklist, having lots of help (both friends and professional movers), preparing for all contingencies and trying to enjoy the journey by assuring yourself you are making a positive change. It’s a well-known fact that a positive attitude can go a long way in helping people be healthy and happy.

Master Movers Can Move You Whatever Your Reason!

We understand the top reasons people move whether it’s for a job or a better neighborhood. When you do pick your moving day, call our friendly and professional team at Master Movers. Our locally owned moving company in Portland, Oregon, has moved thousands of people expertly and safely since opening in 1992.