Grandparents Relocating to be closer to grandchildren

Relocating and Downsizing to be Closer to Family

Are you relocating to be closer to family?

If so, you’re not alone. Many grandparents move each year to be closer to their kids or grandkids. While it can be a fantastic decision (imagine all that uninterrupted time with the grandkids), the process of downsizing and relocating can be tricky.

Don’t worry, though: it’s far from impossible. Whether you’re moving from across the state or the country, this simple guide will help you navigate your relocation with ease.

Should You Hire a Moving Company for Relocating?

Let’s face it: moving can cause a fair amount of stress.

You’re leaving behind your community and friends, after all, and that’s tough no matter how dedicated you are to your family. Not to mention the packing and physical work associated with the process.

Because moving is so physical, most professionals recommend hiring a moving company to help with the transition. The reason for this is simple: moving companies strive to get you moved quickly, efficiently, and with minimum or no damage to your belongings. Even when you’re moving to be closer to family, time is money.

If you do hire a moving company, streamline the process by being as prepared as possible as thinking ahead. For example, have your belongings packed and labeled before the moving company arrives. Keep pets out of the way and ensure your day-of necessities are consolidated in one place, so they don’t wind up on the moving truck by accident.

If it’s a hot day or a long move, provide beverages and lunch for your movers. Ordering a few pizzas is an easy and effective way to show your appreciation for the help and keep your movers happy.

Quick Tips for Downsizing

Downsizing involves letting go of belongings, which can be stressful and difficult. Fortunately, it’s far from impossible. Here are a few quick tips to help you get the job done:

  • Start early. Ideally, you’ll downsize your home before the movers arrive. This saves you from moving items you don’t need and cuts moving costs.
  • Declutter large items. Many times, moving companies offer a service where they’ll move large items like armoires and dressers. This is easier if you empty drawers before you move, and get rid of unneeded knickknacks.
  • Consider storage. If the home you’re moving to is smaller and different than the house you are in, you may want to get a storage shed. Storage facilities are ideal for things you can’t let go of but don’t want to move to your new location.
  • Go through every room. The most effective way to downsize your home is to go room by room. As you do, make piles of things to donate and items to throw away. This ensures a comprehensive decluttering process and a smoother move.

Big Moves Made Easy: Hire A Skilled Moving Company Today

If you’re relocating to be closer to your family, you’ve got enough to think about. With this in mind, hire our professional movers to do the heavy lifting for you. This frees you up to spend more time with your family and get comfortable in your new community.  Which, of course, is the most important part of the whole process.

For more information, or to get a quote for your long-distance move, please contact Master Movers today.