packing liquids

Quick Tips on Packing Liquids

Packing liquids can be one of the most challenging parts of moving. And for a good reason: liquids aren’t exactly easy to handle, and packing them puts you at risk of spills, messes, and more. Luckily, it is possible to pack liquids for local and long-distance moves. You just need to understand how.

The Dangers Associated With Packing Liquids

More likely than not, nothing terrible will happen if you spill a bottle of water in the moving truck during transport. That situation changes entirely, though, when the spill is made up of antifreeze or fuel.

When it comes to the back of a moving truck, spills happen. Boxes tip over, moving vehicles hit a bump or the bottles you thought you’d packed so carefully just get jostled around a bit. All these things can lead to troublesome spills that can wreak havoc, depending upon what they are.

With that in mind, most moving companies recommend disposing of flammables before you move — more on that next.

What to do With Flammables

Before you move, it’s smart to get rid of flammable liquids instead of packing them. After all, you can replace whatever you need when you arrive, and packing them is not worth the risk of a fire or explosion. With this in mind, here are your options:

  • Use them. If you can, use your flammable products before you move. This prevents waste and saves you from moving them all at once.

  • Give it away. Give your camp fuel to a good friend who you know will use it, or send those Jerry Cans of gas off in the trunk of your teenage daughter’s car.

  • Dispose of it. Most city and county landfills have select areas for homeowners to dispose of dangerous liquids. Contact your local sanitation facility to learn more and to find out how you can take advantage of it.

Keep in mind that there are things professional movers are not legally permitted to move, such as corrosives, bleach, and other chemicals. This makes getting rid of them before you leave even more critical.

5 Fast Tips to Pack What’s Left

Now that you’ve gotten rid of your flammable liquids, follow these tips to pack up whatever you have leftover:

  1. Pack liquids together. Pack liquids together in your belongings, preferably by type. Kitchen liquids like oils and sauces can go in one box, and natural cleaning products can go in another.

  2. Use proper packing materials. To pack liquids well, you should have plastic wrap, packing tape, and garbage bags. Secure the opening to each bottle, wrap it in bubble wrap, and secure with tape.

  3. Contain liquids to plastic bins. To take another step toward containing spills, pack your liquids in plastic containers rather than boxes.

  4. Label everything. Just like you would with the rest of your boxes, be sure you’re labeling your liquids, so you know what you’re dealing with when you arrive at your new home.

  5. Place them carefully. Just in case something does spill and leak out of the bin, make sure you’re not packing boxes of liquids on top of your grandmother’s antique ottoman or your box of expensive suits. Instead, keep them ground-level, where they’ll do little damage if they leak.

Hire Professional Movers to Make the Job Easier

Don’t want to deal with packing liquids on your own? Contact Master Movers today to learn more about our services (both within Portland and around the country), and how we can help you.