Preparing a work team for an office move with Master Movers

Preparing Your Team for an Office Move Ensures Successful Transition

Companies across the country uproot and relocate all the time for various reasons from A to Z. Preparing your team for an office move, while a major endeavor, can be done smoothly and successfully. Keep your staff happy by making them part of the relocation process and updating them regularly among other things. Employ some of the following steps in your transition.

Preparing Your Team for an Office Move

You may have heard about General Electric moving from Connecticut to headquarters in Boston; McDonalds leaving Oak Brook, Ill., to set up shop in Chicago; or Marriott International relocating from a Maryland office park to downtown Bethesda.

Businesses large and small across the country move all the time for one reason or another. How can you navigate such a decision with flying colors? We offer some tips here on preparing your team for a successful office move.

Communicate with Team Members

Depending on whether your office has 15 people or 1,500 people, let everyone in your company know about your plans to move and provide them as many details as possible. You can do this in a company-wide meeting and by sending an email explaining the decision. Open lines of communication between decision-makers and employees remain the key ingredient to acceptance and satisfaction with the impending relocation.

Additionally, give staff plenty of time to adjust to this news. If you can, provide a timeline. Typically, an office move can take anywhere from three months to a year. Throughout the process, make sure your team remains in the loop.

Focus on Benefits of the Move

You can help relieve any anxiety that exists by highlighting all the positives about the new office.

For example, it may include more space for company expansion, a bigger office, a safer or more central location, improved parking, etc. This helps explain the relocation and gives your team something to look forward to in the move.

Keep Employees Engaged

Moving the office can be a major job. Assign team members to help with various tasks by downloading this ultimate checklist example. Hold regular meetings to keep the move on track.

Additionally, be sure to regularly ask for your team members’ input during the relocation process. You can even keep them involved by providing information on how they can help pack up their own workspaces. In the end, any sincere efforts you make will likely be appreciated.

Contact Your Customers

In addition to preparing your team for an office move, make sure everyone you do business with knows, too. After all, you want your loyal customers, suppliers or clients to continue to use your services. Make sure they know where your new office will be located and when it will open. Assure them about how your office will continue to operate during the move.

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