packing your shoes for moving

Pack Your Shoes for Moving, So They Continue Looking Sharp

Protect your priceless collection of high heels or sneakers and learn how to pack your shoes for moving. Your favorite pairs can make the trip crosstown or cross-country looking as good as the day you splurged on them. Just follow our fail-proof recommendations. 

Pack Your Shoes for Moving

Are you a shoe person?

Christina Aguilera is. The American singer, songwriter and actress bought shoes of every make, model and color of the rainbow. DJ Khaled is, too. The record producer, radio personality, DJ, record label executive and author launched a quest to own every single pair of Air Jordans.

Granted our shoe budget may be a little less than those celebrities. The average man owns 12 pairs of shoes, while the average woman owns 27 pairs, a Time Magazine survey found. Two out of five women confessed to shoe collections greater than 50 pairs.

Your shoe collection, no matter how big or small, should be protected. When it comes to hauling all your high heels, sneakers, boots, slippers and other footwear to a new home, we have some packing tips to keep them in tip-top shape.

Shoe Packing Recommendations 

If you planned to pull out a big box and just throw all your shoes in, think again. A better way exists.

Ideally, packing experts recommend every shoe should be wrapped individually in packing paper and put back in their original shoeboxes. This provides maximum protection. But who keeps all their shoeboxes? Few attics or closets have room for them.

More realistically, find small boxes to pack them in. First, narrow down your favorite and best shoes and clean them up. Polish them. Now they’re ready to make the move with you. Place all the little boxes in a medium-sized box, so it’s light enough to carry easily.

Besides packing paper, you can use soft material, such as pajamas, T-shirts or towels. Additionally, stuff folded socks inside of the shoe to help them keep their shape. Pack your shoes in the boxes in an interlocking shape with the toes pointed toward the heels.

Another suggestion includes placing tea bags in your shoes, an anti-bacterial spray or a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. Do this the night before moving day and let your shoes dry well. These ideas can remove bad foot odors and keep your shoes smelling fresh.

Wrap bubble wrap around those high heels. This helps prevent the heels from snapping off during the move.

Do Not Use Plastic Bags

It may seem like a good idea to group your shoes in plastic bags. But a multitude of reasons exist to never put your treasured pairs into plastic bags.

For one, bags tear easily. Plus, they fail to keep your shoes from getting soiled, scratched, or badly damaged. Additionally, your footwear could easily get crushed under heavier items during the move. Plastic bags lack the solid structure of a box to prevent damage.

Additionally, plastic bags trap moisture. This can cause mold or do other severe damage to your shoes. If moving during a blistering hot day, the plastic could melt and permanently ruin the surfaces of your footwear.

Master Movers Can Help Pack Your Shoes for Moving for Maximum Protection!

You spent a lot of money on your amazing shoe collection, so take a few extra minutes to pack them properly and ensure many more days of wear. If you need help packing or moving, give us a call today! Our moving experts have learned all the tricks to delivering residential and commercial belongings damage-free at a fair price since 1992.