moving a medial office

Moving Your Medical Office

How to Prepare Your Medical Office for a Move

Changing the location of a medical office takes a well-organized action plan. Not only are there tons of sensitive files to transport, there also may be a lot of expensive, high-tech medical equipment to move. That doesn’t even begin to cover the notification requirements for letting patients know about the new office site.

Fortunately, Master Movers is here to help. Use this plan to prepare for the change in location, and you will be all ready to go when our trucks arrive to load.

Let Everyone Know

The more time you have in advance of a move to notify patients and suppliers the better. Each state may have its own requirements for how these notices can be presented. Here are some guidelines to consider:

  • There likely is a minimum number of days before the move when notices must be posted. Announcements can be made in a newspaper’s public notices section, by posting signs all around your current office, or by sending notification letters through the mail.
  • Consider using more than one announcement method to increase the likelihood that patients will get the message.
  • Don’t forget to let anyone who pays bills to your office know about the move. Suppliers, government agencies and referral partners should all be notified.

Prep for the Move

The amount of downtime necessary while you transition to the new location can be lower if you get everything ready ahead of time. This may include some tasks you might not have thought about. Don’t overlook these important jobs:

  • Get new businesses cards, prescription pads and other office materials printed with the updated address and contact information.
  • Set up utilities, medical waste garbage service and computer networks in your new location so they are all working when you get there.
  • Figure out how to move medical documents so they don’t get jumbled or risk privacy violations during transport.
  • Make a checklist of all medical equipment that will be moved and any special considerations each might have.

Hire Professionals

Choosing the right moving company to transport your valuable medical office equipment is the most important step. At Master Movers, we are experienced with state and federal rules that cover medical office relocations. Not only are our employees trained on disassembling medical equipment, packing it and getting it to its new home, we will put it back together and test it to make sure everything is working well. We can also make sure your exam tables, office furniture and tools arrive safely and quickly at the new site in order to minimize downtime for your staff and patients.

Working with a team that has done this many times will help minimize your stress. Give Master Moves a call today to learn how we can make your medical office move a relatively painless one.