moving items to a storage unit

Moving Items to a Storage Unit?

Moving items to a storage unit you can trust can get complicated. Master Movers’ 25 years of experience have taught us a thing or two about storage and our highest priority is the safety and security of your valuable, irreplaceable household belongings. Whether you choose us for your short-term or long-term needs, follow our tips on the must-haves for storage.

Top Three Storage Unit Tips

With an estimated 2 billion square feet of storage in the United States, you have plenty of options. Pick the right space! Follow the Master Movers’ three basic tips.


Your storage unit facility should include gated access requiring a renter created passcode. Heavy perimeter fencing should surround the storage complex. Surveillance monitoring should cover the entire facility. For visibility and safety, the entire area should be brightly lit, especially each hall and isle. The renter, that’s you, should own the lock and keys to access the storage unit.

At Master Movers’ we take a few extra steps to secure your prized belongings:

  1. We do a thorough inventory, noting every possession and how we stored them.
  2. All stored items undergo safety sealing in vaults or containers to prevent tampering. This ensures all your valuables get returned to you in their pre-storage condition.
  3. Our warehouses have climate-control, so your items never come into contact with the elements or extreme temperatures. This helps maintain their original state.


When considering the location, the closer the better. A great, secure unit 20 miles away that takes an hour to reach because of traffic should be passed over for one near you. But don’t get hung up on location. A convenient site, while important, remains just one piece of your storage puzzle.


Many storage rental facilities offer special monthly rates. While a factor to consider, price shouldn’t be your deciding factor. Another unit may cost more, but if the storage facility provides better security, hires people to monitor 24/7, and occupies a better neighborhood, be willing to spend a little extra money.

Wait, there’s more! Weigh the following factors, too.

Customer Reviews

Thanks to modern technology, you can find out pretty quickly if a storage facility is as good as advertised. Yelp, Google and a host of other review websites contain loads of first-hand accounts. Read them and arm yourself with a better sense of the quality of the storage companies on your list.

Customer Service

Weigh the quality of the customer service you receive. How did the front desk handle your initial phone, email or Facebook inquiry? Were they friendly and respectful? Did you receive straightforward and clear information? If storage facility reps skirt around your questions, be wary.


Tour the storage facility to assess how clean and organized it looks. A messy front office may indicate a facility in disrepair.

Additionally, walk the grounds. Look for nicely painted, graffiti-free buildings. Check for trash scattered outside and bunched around the perimeter fence. Be sure the grass and landscaping look well maintained. Overgrowth can cause pest infestation.


Be sure to ask the storage rental unit about its pest control program. How often do they treat the facility? Roaches, moths, ants, termites, mice, rats and other pests attack your furniture, clothing and can ruin your other irreplaceable valuables — the last thing you want.

Climate Control

During your selection process, strongly consider a climate-controlled storage rental facility. This adds an extra layer of protection to your belongings by guarding against extreme temperatures and humidity. Items like electronics, vinyl records and old family photos will fare a whole lot better.


Use pallets to store your items off the floor. This safety measure prevents damage from flooding, a spill in an adjacent storage unit or some other accident that may happen. Protect your treasured belongings, especially your grandma’s handmade quilts, from damaging water stains.

Size Matters

Make sure your storage unit fits all your stuff! Take the guess work out of how much space you need for your favorite recliner, antique king-size bed, expensive dining room table and other precious heirlooms and valuables. Hire the Master Movers staff and they will calculate the exact size you need!

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