Couple moving in the rain

Moving in the Rain in Portland

It’s moving day in Portland. Chances are it’s raining, about to rain or just recently rained. If you’re new to the city, there are two things you should know. First, our weather is usually wet. Second, rain isn’t any excuse to put off your move! While rain and its colder cousins sleet and snow can complicate your moving day, enlisting the help of Master Movers helps to ease the stress when you are moving in the rain.

At Master Movers, we take the extra steps needed to keep your belongings safe and protect your home while moving in the rain.

Moving in the Rain With Professionals

When rain is in the forecast, Master Movers takes all the necessary precautions to make sure your belongings stay safe and dry. In all types of weather, we utilize sturdy and tightly closed boxes with sufficient padding to protect your items. For larger items, we use crates or blanket wraps to avoid damage. Depending on the exact item, we may take different precautions to prevent water damage. Here are the precautions taken to protect your belongings:

Wood Furniture

The best way to protect larger wood items is to use blanket wraps. When furniture is going straight into a van during light rain, a blanket is usually enough to keep delicate finishes protected from the weather. However, in heaver storms or instances where there is a long distance between the door and the van, we add a tarps or plastic wrap to keep the items dry. In the unlikely event that wood furniture gets wet, we thoroughly wipe it dry as soon as possible to prevent water spots and warping.

Upholstered Furniture

Softer furniture like upholstered sofas and chairs can be heavily damaged if they get soaked! We use heavy blankets, plastic wrap or tarps keep the rain off. Even a little water can ruin leather and delicate fabrics, so we carefully check these items after transporting them on rainy days. Again, if upholstered pieces do get wet, we dry them quickly with towels to limit the chance of permanent damage.


Electronics and appliances need maximum protection from water damage. Items such as computers and televisions are especially sensitive to moisture, so we take every precaution to keep them completely dry. To ensure a dry transport of your electronics and appliances, wrapped them with plastic and padding.


We use strong, special-purpose boxes and ample padding for paintings, framed photos and mirrors to keep them safe from poor weather conditions. Moisture can easily warp delicate wood frames and, when left untreated, can cause mildew to grow on canvases. If it’s raining heavily, we’ll even wrap the boxes in plastic wrap to protect these items.


Although a little water won’t damage most clothes, it can become a serious problem if the boxes are not unpacked right away. Over a few short days, wet clothes in a dark box becomes the perfect place for mildew to grow. We recommend unpacking clothing as soon as possible after the move. If any articles of clothing feel damp, toss them in the dryer before you put them away.

Mattresses and Area Rugs

Moisture is quickly soaked up by mattresses and area rugs when exposed to rain. Depending on the size and details of the move, we protect these items by wrapping them in blankets, tarps or plastic.

Master Movers Can Keep Your Items Safe When Moving in the Rain!

We keep our customers moving in Portland, rain or shine. If we didn’t, we’d rarely get anything done! After doing it for years, we’re experts at moving during Portland’s infamous weather. We can get your stuff safely from point A to point B without letting it get ruined. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you!