Couple moving in the rain

Part II, Moving in the Rain in Portland

When the forecast calls for rain, sleet or snow, Master Movers does what it takes to stay on schedule and keep you home clean and dry while moving in the rain. By using smart techniques and heavy-duty materials to keep the wet outside, we avoid damage to your flooring and get you moved in quickly.

Beyond the inconvenience presented by our typical Portland weather, rain and mud can make moving a messy endeavor.

Keeping Your Home Clean and Safe

At Master Movers, we know that keeping your belongings in good shape is not the only thing that’s important! We go above and beyond to make sure both your old and new home stay as neat and dry as possible. By protecting entryways, covering carpets and setting up staging areas at both ends of the move, we limit the wear and tear from our rainy Portland weather during the entire moving process.

Protecting Carpet

Wet, muddy feet can quickly ruin a carpet or damage flooring during a rainy move. We cover your floors while we’re working with a protective covering in the entryway and high-traffic areas. Depending on the surface and how bad the weather is, we use heavy-duty paper, plastic or tarps to keep your floors clean and protected.

At the old place

To avoid excessive traffic through the living spaces, we create a staging area near the door. Movers working inside the house place every box and item on a tarp next to the entrance. Then, our outside crew moves these items from the tarp to the van. This two-step process allows us to avoid tracking water and mud throughout the house.

At the new place

When we’re moving customers between two homes in Portland, we go to the new residence ahead of the moving truck. Just as we do in the old place, we protect the entryway with a staging area. Items are then brought off the van and placed on the tarp to be moved into the appropriate room. We also keep towels and rags near the door to dry off boxes, furniture and people.

Master Movers Can Keep Your Items Safe When Moving in the Rain!

We live, work and play in Portland and know what it takes to keep the mess to a minimum during a move. Our people, equipment and methods are time-tested and Northwest approved. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you!