meet your new neighbors

Meet Your New Neighbors After Your Move

Break the ice and meet your new neighbors when you finish moving. This will help make it less awkward when you need to borrow that cup of sugar to finish baking fudge brownies or a tool to help complete a home project. Who knows? You may even start up a long-lasting friendship.

Meet Your New Neighbors

variety of ways exist to meet your new neighbors. You want to fit in, so be ready with your smile and some friendly chit-chat. Good relationships with your neighbors can make your adjustment to a new place feel like home more quickly.

Move-in Day

You may be hot and sweaty from settling into your new house. However, remain open to stopping and talking with any of your new neighbors, if they approach you. Find out more about them and the new neighborhood you now live in. Where do they do their grocery shopping? What restaurants do they recommend? Should you know any unspoken neighborhood dos or dont’s?

Additionally, be considerate. Make sure the moving truck doesn’t block anyone’s driveway. Also, be mindful of your unpacked boxes. Keep them from cluttering your yard and the street.

Saying ‘Thank You’

One of your neighbors may welcome you to the neighborhood with treats during the first few weeks after your move. Be sure to write a thank you note after enjoying the cookies, pie or other baked goods. In addition, you could decide to return the favor. Be gracious and polite.

Be Helpful

Another great way to meet your new neighbors? If you notice, for instance, your elderly neighbors’ grass needs mowing, give them a break and do it for them. This or other appropriate gestures help establish you as a thoughtful and kind neighbor.

Spend Time Outdoors

Give yourself ample opportunity to bump into your neighbors and connect with them. Work in your garden. If you have a dog, take it for a walk. If not, take yourself out for a walk. Additionally, you could escort your children to the bus stop. These low-pressure situations can help you get to know your neighbors better.

Plus, encourage your children to play with the other neighborhood kids. This may lead to an introduction to their parents.

Participate in Neighborhood Activities

Does your neighborhood have a Neighborhood Watch? Maybe a local community center serves the community? It could be your neighborhood organizes monthly cleanups of roadside trash and a local park? Look for ways to contribute to these important community-building functions.

Schedule a Cookout

You want to be known as being friendly. Consider grilling hamburgers and hotdogs. Invite new neighbors, as well as new co-workers, to this get-together. They can bring food, too, if they want. It can be fun and also help you to meet new people in a natural setting.

Let Master Movers Introduce You to Your New Home!

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