How to live through a home remodel.

Living Through a Home Remodel

Are you finally getting that dream kitchen? Is that sorely needed extra bedroom and bath finally becoming a reality? A home renovation project is simultaneously exciting and exhausting. You’ll be happy once the work is done, but how can you survive the dust and inconvenience in the weeks it takes to complete the renovation?

It’s not easy living through a home remodel, particularly if the construction involves ripping out walls or interrupting your home’s plumbing system. The scope of the project will determine whether you can remain in your house. Your home may be habitable, if messy, for the entire project. Or, you may need to vacate for a few days, a week or longer.

Make a Temporary Move

Sometimes there’s no better solution than moving. If you have a friend or relative with a spare space, this could be the time to cash in favors. You could also rent an apartment or house. A furnished place may be ideal, but if you’ll be there for months, consider moving at least some of your belongings into the new place.

Seal Off a Room

If it’s not practical to move out, seal off a room or section of the house. Designate this area as a construction-free zone. Having at least one space that’s free from workers and dust will be a welcome relief. If you have children or pets, make sure this area is contained. Construction is more than messy. Dust, fumes and noise may harm and stress the cutest and cuddliest members of the household. Call Master Movers for help with on-site moves.

Rent a Storage Unit

Speaking of dust, protect your valuables from construction debris and damage by placing them in storage. This is a good idea whether you’re staying at home or moving temporarily. If you’re staying put, you’ll be more comfortable if you don’t attempt to live in rooms containing more than their fair share of furniture.

Take a Vacation

This could be the right time for your family to take a trip. In this age of instant communication, you can easily stay in touch with your contractor even when you’re out of town. Speak with your contractor and plan the trip to correspond with the time when the work will be at its most disruptive.

Camp in the Yard

Is taking a trip out of the question? Try camping in the yard. Your kids will enjoy sleeping in a tent and having picnics in the yard. Camping out is probably only practical for a day or two, but that might be long enough. If your remodel is slated for summer, pitch a tent for the duration of construction. Whenever you need a break from the noise and mess, step into your outdoor room.

Call On Portland’s Best Residential Movers

Master Movers can help you with any type of move. We’ll safely store your belongings during a remodel. We’d also be happy to assist you with rearranging your furniture or helping you with a temporary relocation. Give us a call, or contact us for a free estimate!