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Keep Your Belongings Safe and Secure While Moving

When you plan your move, also make a plan to keep your belongings safe and secure while moving. We offer several recommendations to ensure protection of your valuables. From keeping an eye on your boxes to locking up your expensive jewelry, read on and learn more.  

Keep Your Belongings Safe and Secure

You plan to move to a neighborhood with low crime, good schools, parks and lots of friendly faces. Even in a low-crime community, you must stay alert and watch over your valuables. Burglars, unfortunately, often see moving day as chaotic and a prime opportunity to swipe a box full of expensive or prized items when you or the movers get distracted. The good news? You can prevent your things from being stolen by following some commonsense tips listed below.

Be Familiar with Neighborhood

Before the moving truck pulls up to the front door of your new home transporting all your worldly possessions, tour the surrounding area. This preparation allows you to assess any possible threats. It may even allow you to map out a safer moving plan.

Loading and Unloading

Talk to your movers, let them know specific rooms you’d like your boxes to go (even if it’s the garage).  Communicate that you’d like your furniture, boxes and other items to go directly from the house to the truck and vice versa. This makes it less likely precious valuables will go unattended throughout the moving process.

You could take it a step further and have someone watch over the process while the movers load and unload the truck.  This ensures anyone wandering by doesn’t have access to any of your belongings, while you’re moving out of your old home and into your new place. It minimizes the chance of anyone walking off with something that doesn’t belong to them.

Restrict Access

If you or the movers plan to take a break or stop the moving process for any extended length of time, it’s wise to restrict access to your home and the moving truck. Make sure both are locked to protect your items.

Additionally, if you plan to stay inside unpacking boxes and arranging furniture – be aware of doors left open and who has access to your home. It’s easy to be distracted during this busy time. Keeping tabs on where everything is supposed to go and your immediate surroundings will ensure a smooth and uneventful move.

Keep Boxes Out of Plain View

Any boxes the movers unload should be placed away from the windows. You want to prevent any opportunity for someone prying and sizing up your valuables. Additionally, use blankets or sheets to cover the windows until you can install curtains or blinds.

Label Boxes by Room

Another crucial way to keep your belongings safe while moving involves the proper labeling of boxes. Do NOT write on the box what it contains. For example, dinnerware set, silver flatware or electronics to name a few. This only makes it easier for someone to make off with expensive heirlooms that have been in your family for generations.

Instead, label boxes by room. This makes it less likely the box will go missing. Plus, it helps the movers load and unload more quickly.

Take an Inventory

Nowadays, most of us own cellphones that take pictures. This allows you to easily photograph your most prized items and the boxes you placed them in. For instance, the baby blankets your grandma crocheted for your children, or an antique desk. Additionally, this gives you visual proof in case you spot any damages.

Avoid Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media should be off limits to news about your pending move. Make sure your children observe this, too. You never know who might see the posts, even if you believe only your friends follow your accounts. You can showcase your new place once you’ve settled in.

 Keep Jewelry Secure

That class ring or strand of pearls and any other extremely valuable jewelry, collectibles or other items should stay with you. Do not risk putting them on the moving truck. Ideally, you can lock them in a safe or bank safe deposit box. At the very least, keep your belongings safe and secure by locking them away in the trunk of your car during the move.

Be aware, too, of where you leave your passport, credit cards and important documents. The last thing you want is to misplace them or have someone walk off with them.

Steps to Take After Your Move

Finally, moving day is over. Everything is in its place. Here are some additional safety and security measures to apply in or around your new home to keep your belongings safe and secure and to protect your family.

  • New locks on all the doors (former residents may still have keys).
  • A home security system to alert you to intruders.
  • Motion detector lighting on the outside of your home.
  • Porch or outdoor lights.

Additionally, it’s always wise to trim back trees or shrubs in your yard to eliminate places burglars may try to hide.

Getting to know your neighbors always helps. This and getting involved in a crime watch program can ensure home safety for you and the entire neighborhood.

Move Safely and Securely with Our Master Movers Team! 

By planning ahead and following precautions, you can keep your belongings safe and secure, ensuring a successful move. Contact our friendly and expert staff at Master Movers to help you with packing, moving or storage. We have moved people across town, across the state and across the country since opening our doors in 1992 in Portland, Oregon. We’re committed to going the extra mile for you!