Label packing boxes containing art as fragile.

How to Pack Framed Art for a Move

Art and photos are among people’s most treasured items. When you’re moving, it’s natural to worry about these irreplaceable belongings. Preparing art for a move takes extra care. Here’s what you need to know to safely pack framed art and photos.

Start Early

You can pack art and photos well ahead of time. Since you don’t need to access these items every day, they can be among the first things you cross off your to-pack list.

  1. Collect art in a staging area. Do an inventory by taking photos and notes.
  2. Gather together the packing material. You’ll need boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, a permanent marker and labels. For large art, consider using a picture or mirror box. These boxes come in four separate pieces that adjust to items of various sizes.
  3. Use things you have. Save money by packing smaller pieces in sturdy boxes you already have or that you scavenge from friends or merchants. Use old sheets or blankets to wrap larger pieces.

That’s a Wrap!

With materials and art in hand, it’s time to start packing. These techniques work for framed art or photos, mirrors and glass table tops.

  1. Work on the floor or a large table. Spread the bubble wrap, paper, sheets or blanket.
  2. Center the item on the wrapping material. Wrap and tape.
  3. Mark the glass side of the package so you won’t have to guess when you unpack.
  4. Add packing material to the bottom of the carton. For a picture box, fit the two bottom pieces together before adding packing material.
  5. Slide the item in and press it into the padding. Use cardboard dividers if you’re placing more than one item in a box.
  6. Add packing material to the sides of the container. For a picture box, slide the pieces until they fit snugly.
  7. Add more padding to top of the art. For a picture box, press packing material into the top pieces before sliding them into place.
  8. Close the box or adjust a picture box to fit tightly. Tape around all seams.
  9. Label the contents and indicate which side is glass. Mark the box as fragile.
  10. Picture and mirror boxes should be loaded into the truck vertically.

Master Movers can help you with all your packing. We have the materials you need for a do-it-yourself job, or we can properly pack art and glass for you. Rely on us to take care of your relocation from start to finish. Give us a call to learn more about our services.