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How to Pack and Move Clothing From Your Walk-in Closet

You dread plunging into your walk-in closet to pack. There’s no telling what you might find after years of stuffing belongings into it. However, you can move clothing, shoes and all those other items that have materialized, hassle-free. A little planning and proper packing techniques can make the whole process go faster and easier than you first thought. 

Move Clothing and Other Items From Your Closet

It resembles a disaster area. Sure, you can move clothing but what about those board games, old photo albums, purses and other things that have collected there. Your closet has become a catch-all for all of your odds and ends. But don’t get paralyzed wondering, “Where do I start?” Dive in and let’s start sorting, packing, donating, selling and throwing away everything until this walk-in closet is empty.

Where to Start?

Begin by going through your clothing and pulling out any blouses, shirts, slacks, dresses and other clothing that fit when you were a teenager, or has gone out of style. Trust us, give away any halter tops and Daisy Dukes. However, keep everything you wear regularly to work or social occasions.

Pack your clothing in wardrobe boxes. Fold and place them in the bottom of the box or hang them from the bar these special boxes include. They protect clothing better than any other way available. After you move and open the boxes in your brand new walk-in closet – your clothes will be spotless.  Check in with Master Movers on how to get the size, type and number of boxes you may need to help make your move easier.

Other Options to Move Clothing

Another option to move clothing? Use clean, large, durable garbage bags. Pull the bags from the bottom up and around your clothes and to the base of your hangers. Tie the hangers securely together to prevent them from slipping off into the bag. Finally, make sure to close the bag up tightly under the curve of the hanger.

Additionally, use the space available in your suitcases and travel bags by packing them full of the clothes you’re wanting to keep.  This is also a great place to store and move your more expensive or delicate pieces of clothing from one closet to the next.

A widely used tip for moving clothes: leave them in their drawers. Remove each drawer and wrap them in plastic to keep your clothes from falling out. Also seal dresser drawers and doors to prevent them from flying open.

Save space and move off-season clothes you may not need for a while by placing them in vacuum seal bags. This shrinks plastic around your clothes tightly for storage, freeing up room for other items.

If you’re moving a short distance away, one option is to simply zip-tie the hangers together and pile your clothes in the back seat of your car.

Moving the Rest of Your Odds and Ends

Usually, walk-in closets contain more than clothing. Keepsakes, collectibles, board games, toys, photo albums, purses, hats, etc. can also clutter the shelves.

Use appropriate boxes or plastic containers to move all of these miscellaneous possessions. This is also your chance to donate or sell items you don’t use or want any longer. Take this opportunity to declutter!

Master Movers Can Help You Pack and Move Clothing and Everything Else!

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