How to move a piano, a mother and child sit in front of a piano.

How to Move a Piano

Need to move your piano? Relocating these large if lovely instruments is not for the faint of heart or the weak of back.

The smallest upright weighs 300 pounds. A grand piano may come in at around 1300 pounds. The longer the piano, the heavier it is. Even some professional movers turn tail when confronted with those 88 keys dressed up in half a ton of wood and wire.

Not every Portland moving company is a Portland piano mover. Master Movers is. Contact us and we’ll help you get your piano safely settled into your new digs.

How to Move a Piano to a New Home

When it comes to moving, pianos are a triple threat: they are large, heavy and valuable. A piano’s worth goes beyond its replacement value. These instruments are usually beloved and are often heirlooms. It’s a sad day when a piano is damaged during a move.

The best way to move a piano is to hire an experienced professional. Unless you’re rolling a piano from one room to the next, it’s not practical to move one on your own.

Even if you’re only rolling a piano across the floor, you might want to think twice. A piano can leave gauged tracks in your house.

Master Movers offers on-site moving. We can move your piano whether you’re relocating to a new home or redecorating your current place.

An Experienced Piano Mover: the Key to a Safe Move

There are two ways to move a piano. One way is better than the other:

The first method is to call 4 to 8 of your burliest friends. Someone will have to take charge and coordinate this strong yet inexperienced-at-moving-pianos group.

What could possibly go wrong? We won’t belabor the point. You can probably see that this method is risky both for your friends and your piano.

The second method is to find a professional piano mover with the right equipment and a good track record. Even among professionals, moving a piano will require several movers. The movers will need the right equipment, including skids, moving pads, ramps and slings.

When our experienced movers get to work, there’s little risk to your piano or home. Our pro movers can move a piano even in tight quarters. The job will be done quickly and efficiently. Before you know it, you and your piano will be making beautiful music together in your new home.