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How to Make New Friends After you Move

If you’re moving to a new city, you know that many things are about to change. You’ll get used to new scenery, settle into a new house, and make new friends. That last one, however, can be easier said than done.

In many cases, building new connections after you move can be a trying process. And it’s especially hard in the era of COVID-19 when people are mostly avoiding social contact. Few of the normal social structures are in place, and people aren’t doing the same things they used to.

Fortunately, making friends is still far from impossible. Here are our top tips:

5 Ways to Meet New Friends After You Move (Despite COVID-19)

You’ll be making new friends fast with these five tips:

1. Join your neighborhood Facebook page

Most neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and HOAs have a dedicated Facebook page that’s open for members. Do a quick search to see if there’s one for your new area and join if so. If there’s no page yet, consider starting one! There is also a neighborhood app called Next Door, where you can introduce yourself in a protected online app, and get to know your neighbors!

2. Try an app

By now, dating apps are incredibly common. But did you know there are also friendship-specific apps out there? Apps like Bumble BFF, Friender, Hey! VINA, Peanut, and Meetup are great ways to connect with like-minded people in your area – without trolling the local bar scene.

3. Participate in events

Community events look a lot different in the post-COVID world, but they still exist. Find a socially-distanced art show, an outdoor movie, or another safe activity to participate in and get out there. While it’s a tough time to meet other people, we’re all longing for social connection.

4. Take a virtual class

One plus side of COVID is that things like education, courses, art classes, and more have gone digital and become increasingly accessible. To meet like-minded people in your area, sign up for a discussion course through a local college or university, or get involved in a community program. Virtual friends you make now can become real-life friends as the world returns to normal.

5. Connect on what you know

If you have children, look for other friends that do, as well. If you like to run or be athletic, look for outdoor running groups and similar activities. While this is a difficult time to connect with people and make friends, niche events still exist. The task is just to find them.

Enjoy Life After you Move

Moving can be a scary process. After all, it changes most things you know and thrusts you into a new daily routine. Fortunately, these five tips can remove the social stress of moving and help you form rich, new friendships in no time.

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