grocery shopping to prepare for a move with Master Movers

Grocery Shopping to Leave Kitchen Bare Before Moving Day Arrives

Grocery shopping before your move can become complicated. Buying too much could mean wasting a lot of good food. Ideally, you should finish eating everything, leaving only food that requires no refrigeration and will not spoil. However, follow the recommendations in our latest blog to help ensure you end up with mostly bare shelves.

Grocery Shopping Before You Move

We don’t want to leave you eating ketchup and mustard sandwiches with pickles for every meal before moving day. But practical steps exist to gobble up the food you do have. With careful planning you can end up with oil, spices, baking ingredients, rice, pasta, dry beans, sauces, canned food as well as other dry goods and food that won’t spoil. These become easy to move or donate.

You still have that venison or all that salmon you caught in your freezer. Why not throw a dinner party? Mix in other food and drinks you want gone. Can’t feed everyone? Consider throwing a potluck and making dishes that include the food you want to use up.

Besides unloading loads of food on your friends, make up a daily menu with what you have. Finish off those fresh vegetables and other perishables, frozen foods and opened items first. If you do need something from the grocery store to complete a dish, make sure you use it all up in your recipe. Try to avoid leftovers.

Donate Food to Local Charities

Did you know as a country, Americans collectively waste about 40 percent of the food we grow. Don’t throw it away, donate it. If moving day has arrived and you still have food, drop it off at a local food bank. Most charities accept unused, unopened items.

At Master Movers, we make it even easier for you. We partner with Move for Hunger. Simply box up your non-perishable, unopened food-stuffs and we will deliver it to them for you.

Additionally, give that delicious apple pie or those fresh frozen green peas and snap beans to your neighbor, friends or family in the area. Besides homemade, frozen or canned items, they may gladly accept those stuffed olives, mustard, ketchup or other condiments from you.

Food for Moving Day

Now that you got rid of every crumb from your old home, remember to have healthy snacks like fresh fruit and granola bars ready for moving day. You will likely need a boost of energy, plus you don’t want to become too grouchy. And have plenty of water to drink. Hey, your friends helping you move will appreciate it as much as you do.

Master Movers Can Help with Your Move!

Following a grocery shopping plan and taking other steps will help prevent you from throwing away perfectly good eats. Additionally, this helps you move only essential foods like dry goods and spices. Whether you plan to move crosstown, cross state or cross country, call our experienced, friendly team at Master Movers for all your moving needs!