where to donate furniture in Portland

Where to Donate Furniture in Portland

Donate Furniture, giving guide(Sorry, Master Movers does not accept or pick up donations.)

Where can you donate furniture in Portland? The city has many worthy charities where you can drop off used furniture, clothing, household items and even building materials. Some of these organizations offer pick-up service, free or for a small donation.

Packing for a move is the ideal time to take stock of your belongings, paring them down only those things you love or need.

When you declutter, you’ll end up with a selection of furniture and household equipment you no longer want. If they’re in good shape, someone else can use those things. When you donate furniture in Portland, it’s gratifying to think your gift stays local.

Charities Where You Can Donate Furniture in Portland

Each of the following groups accepts donations of clothing, furniture and other household items. Contact the organizations for a more comprehensive list of what they need and can accept.

  • The Community Warehouse supports those in need with donations of furniture and household items. The group’s mission is to help vulnerable families and individuals create a stable, comfortable home.The organization will pick up your donations for a fee.
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore accepts new and reclaimed building materials. It also needs furniture and appliances in good condition. The ReStore sells to the public and proceeds support Habitat for Humanity projects. If you have large items, the Restore will pick up your donations. There may be a fee for pickup service.
  • The Arc Multnomah-Clackamas is the local chapter of The Arc of the United States. The organization serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Donate clothing and household items. Schedule a pickup at your home. The group does not accept large pieces of furniture.
  • Vietnam Veterans of America supports veterans struggling with finances, healthcare and homelessness. In Portland you can support the VVA services with your donations of household items, clothing, toys and other items. The organization will pick up your donations at your home.
  • The Union Gospel Mission people who are dealing with homelessness and addiction. Donate your resellable furniture, appliances, clothing and more. The mission offers a pickup service.

Lighten the Load and Save Money on Your Move

When you organize ahead of a relocation, the moving van is lighter. Your wallet will be heavier. Moving companies in Portland charge by weight. The cost of hiring a professional mover is lower when you lose excess baggage. Another perk of purging before a move: when you get to your new home, you’ll have fewer items to unpack.

There’s a hidden cost to clutter: you feel disorganized and burdened. You may feel out of control because you’re not sure what you have. Perhaps you have enough furniture to open a second-hand store. Why not do yourself and your community a favor by donating things that still have years of live in them.

Donate Food, Too!

Wondering where to donate those last few items in your pantry? We do accept food donations. Master Movers supports Move for Hunger. Box or bag unopened, nonperishable food. We can’t accept open packages. We’ll pick up your donation when we visit for an estimate or a move. We take these donations to the Oregon Food Bank.

Once you lighten your load through decluttering and donating, you’re ready to start packing. Give us a call. We can help you make the rest of the moving process easy and stress-free.

Updated Feb. 2, 2016. Originally published Nov. 6, 2016.

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