cleaning your new home

Cleaning Your New Home to Make Your Move-in Smoother

We know, we know . . . very few people like to clean. But trust us, cleaning your new home before we arrive and start filling up your rooms with boxes and heavy furniture makes the move-in so much smoother. Investing in a little elbow grease will result in a big payoff during your transition!

Tip: Cleaning Your New Home Before Move-in Day

Duh! Right? Cleaning your new home before Master Movers arrives and starts filling up all the rooms with your stuff, simply makes common sense. Making your new home extra move-in friendly makes the transition for you, your family and your moving experts so much smoother.

We collected a few cleaning tips over our first 25 years in business. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Cleaning Your Kitchen

We want to assume your new home underwent the white glove test by the previous homeowner. But maybe not. Maybe you have a different understanding of the word clean. Regardless, we recommend you start cleaning your new home by disinfecting all the surfaces, handles and knobs on your cabinets, countertops, sink and appliances.


Make sure this gets super clean. You don’t want to contaminate your food or dishes. Spray and soak your sink with a spray bottle filled with a 50-50 mixture of chlorine-free bleach and water. Let the drain plugs soak in bleach-water for a few minutes.

Tip: Eliminate any odors from your sink by pouring a mixture of baking soda and water down the drain.


Pay extra attention to the refrigerator. Make sure to remove all the drawers, bins and shelves and clean them in hot soapy water. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the inside of the refrigerator and the freezer. Make sure to pull the refrigerator out and remove any spills or gunk underneath it on the floor.

Tip: Go ahead and vacuum all those dust bunnies that have collected on the coils.


The stove and its hood should also receive special attention from you. Remove any elements around the burners and any dials on the stovetop and take out the shelves from the oven to wash them in hot soapy water. If the manufacturer recommends an oven-cleaner, then apply it. A heavy-duty cleaner or baking soda and water both can make your stove sparkly clean. For the hood, a grease remover should handle the job. Finally, remove the stove from its space and wipe down its sides and mop the floor.

Tip: To catch any grease drippings while cleaning the hood over the stove, spread out paper over the stovetop.

Bathroom Cleaning

This was our least favorite chore growing up. It may be gross but it must be done when cleaning your new home. Pull on those rubber gloves and thoroughly scrub and disinfect the sink, toilet, tub and shower. Be sure to also clean the countertops, cabinets, any mirrors and the floors. Don’t forget to stock up on toilet paper.

Tip: Germ-o-phobes recommend changing out the toilet seats to help you feel better about the cleanliness of your new bathrooms.

Clean Bedrooms and Living Areas

Hire a professional carpet cleaner to tackle those carpets. If the previous owner cleaned them, then break out your vacuum. For wood or faux wood floors, wash them with a wood soap, like Murphy’s, to remove dirt and add a nice shine.

Check the walls, especially near light switches, corners and closer to the floor, and wipe away any fingerprints or other marks. Additionally, when cleaning your new home make sure to clean all the baseboards and trim. This is a good time to do any touch-up the walls may need, such as filling holes or adding paint.

Tip: Remove those stubborn sticky spots with a small amount of fabric softener on a sponge. This does a good job of removing wallpaper, too.

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