Are you ready for an international move?

Are You Ready for an International Move?

Ernest Hemingway did it. So did Julia Child, Edith Wharton and Benjamin Franklin. All these famous Americans spent time living in a foreign country. For some, life abroad was temporary. Others found long-term happiness after an international move.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, creative inspiration or career opportunities, moving internationally is a big step.

The logistics of moving to another country can seem daunting. What about work permits, visas and health care?

Will you need to learn another language, or can you get by speaking English? Will you feel like an outsider in a different culture? How will you ship your belongings from Portland to a far-flung country?

As far as that last concern goes, we’ve got you covered. Master Movers, a trustworthy international moving company in Portland, can handle all your arrangements.

Questions to Answer Before an International Move

Before you start browsing international job boards, it pays to ask yourself a few questions. Answer these four questions, and you’ll have a good idea if the expat life is for you.

How do you handle change?

Do you like a lot of variety? Some people crave novel experiences. If you’re the type who gets bored with routines, life in a foreign country could be your ticket to nonstop change. If, on the other hand, breaking from a routine stresses you out, you may not be happy after an international move.

Are you naturally curious about other cultures?

Are you excited about the chance to eat new foods, learn a second language and see things from a different perspective? When you move to a foreign country, you’ll be immersed in the unfamiliar. If you see change as an opportunity to learn, chances are good you’ll thrive. Depending where you move, the difference in culture may be slight or vast.

Do you like spending time alone?

It takes time to build friendships. At home friends and family are there for you. In a foreign country, you may spend a considerable amount of time on your own. Even the friendly if fleeting exchanges that take place with baristas, people at the gym or acquaintances at work will be missing at first. Will you feel OK with that amount of isolation?

Why do you want to live abroad?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, or to any of the former questions. Examining your motives for wanting to make an international move is a good idea. If you can pinpoint what you want from living abroad, then you’ll know if moving to another country will get you closer to your heart’s desire.

Hire the Most Trusted International Moving Company in Portland, Oregon

When you’re ready to book your flight and stamp your passport, give Master Movers a call. We’d love to help you get started on your next adventure.