moving into your first home, a happy young couple embrace in their new home

8 Tips for Moving into Your First Home

Congratulations! You’ve just closed on the purchase of your first home. You may feel like you’ve gone 12 rounds with a heavyweight contender. Take a breath because now it’s time to start packing. Give Master Movers a call. We’ll pack and move everything for you. If you’re planning on doing it yourself, or some of it yourself, here’s what you need to know.

8 Tips for Moving into Your First Home


You’re going to use a lot of boxes! You can either buy them from us, or start collecting them from stores. You will need them in lots of sizes. Remember: the bigger the box, the heavier it gets. If you get large boxes, make sure you use them for lighter items like sheets and towels. Also, make sure you get wardrobe boxes. They will keep your clothes organized and clean during the move.

Packing Material

Newspaper, bubble wrap, towels, sheets or foam packing material will keep your belongings safe. You will need more than you think. All of types of packing material come in handy. Use bubble wrap for expensive items. You can shred newspaper for filler in boxes to keep the small things protected. Line a box with towels to protect dishes and glasses from breaking.

Packing Tape, Dispenser and Marker

Make packing easier by investing in a good tape gun/dispenser as well as good clear packing tape. While you are purchasing the tape and dispenser, make sure you remember to pick up a pack of sharpie markers. There’s nothing worse than a truck full of boxes with no idea where they go.

Twine or Rope

No one likes to pick up a box full of books! Wrap small stacks of books with twine instead of packing them in a box. That way, they stay together on the move, and even kids who are helping can grab a small stack of books to help unpack.

Movers Wrap

This is often forgotten, but invaluable. It’s a big roll of plastic wrap. It comes in handy, especially with big items and can save you if you run out of rope. Wrap tables and large pieces in it to keep them from getting scratched or nicked.

Extra Light Bulbs

Inevitably, you will find a lamp or light socket minus the bulb. Pick up a small pack just to be covered. Also, make sure you have a flashlight on hand. Until you get to know your house, you should have an emergency flashlight in a common area should you lose power.

New Locks

Get new locks on all doors. There’s no way of knowing how many spare keys to your home are floating around. Get the locks changed and feel good about your security.

To-Do List

It’s a great idea to create a to-do list to make sure all of your home services are in order before you get there. You can also include these items until you acquire them. Learn more about what to do before unpacking moving boxes.

Moving into your first home is an exciting time. Make it even better by letting us make relocation stress-free. Contact us for an estimate.