Simple tips for packing your kitchen

3 Simple Kitchen Packing Tips

Packing can be one of the most frustrating and time consuming aspects of moving into a new home or apartment. When it comes down to it, the kitchen is probably the most complicated of all the rooms that you have to pack. There are always lots of small objects, fragile items and seemingly endless cupboards and drawers that have to be emptied out. Instead of becoming overwhelmed at the thought of the process, consider the following tips to help make packing up your kitchen an easier and more pleasant procedure.

Sort First

There is no need to pack and move items from your kitchen that you don’t use or don’t need at your new place. Take the time while packing to sort through your appliances, dishes and other kitchen tools to weed out the things that you can leave behind. There are a few things you can do to get rid of the items you don’t want anymore, including the following:

  • Sell them at a garage sale
  • Donate them
  • Throw them away

You don’t want to waste precious packing space with gadgets that you may end up tossing once you arrive at your new place, so make sure to sort out the things you know you’ll need and the things you’re sure you don’t.

Pack a Box of Essentials

You should expect to be without a full working kitchen for at least a few days during the move. But, once you start to get settled in, having your coffee maker and a few spoons and forks for takeout will be crucial. So, put some of the essential kitchen tools that you’ll want to unpack right away in one box and label it as such. Your essentials will depend on your personal needs, but you may want to consider the following:

  • Cutlery
  • Dishes
  • Small appliances, like a coffee maker or toaster
  • Dishwashing supplies
  • Food items

Doing this will help you survive until you can get your kitchen completely unpacked.

Pack to Unpack

Chances are you already have your kitchen set up the way you like it, so try to keep it that way as you pack. Go through the room drawer by drawer and cabinet by cabinet, packing items up in the way you plan to unpack them. Unless you plan to completely reorganize your kitchen once you are moved, it is easier to have everything that goes in the same drawer packed together in one box. You can really simplify the unpacking process if you are organized in the way that you pack.

For more packing tips and tricks, contact the Master Movers Moving & Storage team. With professional movers on your side, your moving experience can be quick, easy and virtually stress-free.