How to Make Moving Fun for Kids

How to Make Moving Fun for Kids

What if there were a way to make moving more fun? Moving may worry your children. They may feel uncertain about changing schools and making new friends. During a move, you’ll want to prepare your kids for the changes ahead.

Nearly any chore will be more enjoyable when approached with a positive attitude or playful spirit. Here are some ideas for how to make moving fun for kids.

1. Plan Ahead

If you’re feeling stressed, your kids will notice. Keep a cap on anxiety by planning ahead and not taking on more than you can do. There are some items you can cross off your to-do list well ahead of time. For instance, get your documents, such as school and medical records, ready for the transition. Hiring a reliable mover will lift a huge burden off your shoulders. You can contract with a mover weeks or months in advance.

2. Get Creative

How to Make Moving Fun for KidsAre your kids feeling sad about leaving behind playmates and favorite haunts? Design a craft project to help them keep good memories alive. Collect photos of favorite places around the house or neighborhood. Paste the photos in a scrap book. A decorated box can store mementos such as pressed flowers or a leaf from a tree. Encourage your children to write a poem or story.

Work on the project together. When the projects are finished, remind your kids that this work of art will be carefully packed and transported to their new home where they can look at it whenever they like.

3. Party Time

College kids often ask buddies to help them out. In return, their pals get a free meal, drinks and maybe an impromptu celebration. In the same spirit, your family can set aside a time when everyone works together with the understanding that a party will follow.

If you’re doing the packing yourself, it could take days or even weeks to complete. Pencil in a time when you and your kids will finish the work. The day before the move is a logical time. Don’t pack the speakers just yet! Music will making the work feel lighter. Finish out the day with your children’s favorite takeout meal. You can plan for an evening of games, music, friends or whatever you think the family will enjoy.

If you’re hiring professionals to do the packing, skip the work and just have the party!

4. Plan an Event for the First Day in Your New Home

Plan something special for the first day or weekend at the new place. Scout out an activity everyone will look forward to and anticipate. It could be a visit to the zoo, going to a movie or restaurant or having a picnic in the park. When there’s something to look forward to, your kids will feel better about what they’re leaving behind.

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