Get a helping hand moving

When to Get a Helping Hand With Your Local Move

Your move is just around the corner, and you’ve decided to go the DIY route and handle most of it yourself.
There’s just one thing: you don’t want to do all of it by yourself.

After all, you own a few nice furniture pieces you don’t want to damage and some huge things you’re not comfortable moving on your own (we’re looking at you, grandma’s heirloom piano).

So, where does that leave you? Is it possible to save some money by hiring movers to transport only your large items? Can you take advantage of movers who understand safe lifting techniques without hiring them to do the whole thing?

The answer is yes!

Interested in having Movers help with the heavy items?  Here are some helpful tips to streamline your move:

3 Things to do Before the Movers Arrive

Moving can be a chaotic process, and it’s easy to find yourself disorganized and scattered. With this in mind, prepare your home for the movers as best you can with these tips:

1. Keep the Small Stuff out of the Way

Ideally, you should have all your small belongings packed up before the movers arrive to help you move the big items. Plan to have the movers come after you’ve already boxed up your clothing, kitchen items, and other everyday household items.

Moving companies appreciate this preparation, as it makes their jobs easier!

It also makes moving safer, since your movers won’t be tripping over boxes of clothes and kids’ toys. As if that weren’t enough, it might even make your move cheaper, because your movers won’t have to waste time and energy moving small things out of the way before they can get to the big things.

2. Clear the Pathways

If your home is still in transition and you’ve got boxes everywhere, move those boxes out of the way. Instead, gather them into the garage or a spare room, or tuck them neatly into a corner, where nobody needs to navigate around them.

This allows your moving team to move larger pieces through the hallway and into designated rooms as quickly and safely as possible.

3. Leave Your Options Open

Got halfway through your move and decided you didn’t want to do it anymore? Realized you don’t have time to even start it on your own?

You’re not alone in this, either. And, luckily, you have options!

Give your moving company a call in advance and ask them if they have time to move it all. Chances are they’ll be happy to give you a hand.

Protect Your Back: Let the Movers do the Work

Even if you’re happy to handle most of your local move, hiring a team that’s experienced at moving and lifting can help you save money, keep large heavy items safe, and prevent damage to important pieces.

Ready to book your move? Give our team a call or fill out our free estimate form today!