Couple using tips for living between homes from Master Movers in Portland, Oregon

Tips for Living Between Homes

Moving is stressful. Aside from organizing all of your personal possessions, finding a reliable moving company, there’s the challenge of figuring out where you should stay while you are in between homes. Homes in Portland often sell quickly. Many times, your new place won’t be available for a few weeks, maybe even months, after you leave your old home. With a new tenant waiting for you to move out, you could find yourself without a place to live.

Tips for Living Between Homes

If you find yourself stuck between homes in Portland, put your belongings in storage and use this list to explore temporary housing options.

  1. Family or Friends – The most logical option is to call on a friend or family member for help. If you need a bed for a night or two, sleeping at a friend’s place is an affordable option. Contact family or a good friend to see if you can couch surf while you wait for your new home. Even if it’s family or close friends, it’s always good practice to ask a few weeks before the actual date so they can prepare for your short stay.
  2. Short Term Rentals – There may be rooms or apartments available for rent that offer the flexibility of being booked for just a few weeks or a month. If you are choosing this option, you might be able to save money with less expensive rentals that meet your basic requirements. A studio apartment should suffice for short stays. If you need a lot of space, rent a unit with multiple rooms and bathrooms.
  3. Serviced Apartments – Some short-term rentals may come with care and complete furnishings. These may come with housekeeping and other amenities. A fully furnished unit works well for bigger families that need extra space. With so much convenience, you can expect these places to be expensive. Consider your budget before selecting this option to make sure you won’t have to break the bank.
  4. Post-Possession Agreement – Some home buyers are open to allowing you to stay after the closing date. These types of contracts might give you enough time in your old place until your new home is ready. Often these agreements come at a price, such as paying the new homeowner’s interest on their mortgage and taxes. But the convenience of staying put may be worth the extra money.

Your Portland Moving Company

If you need short-term accommodations while you wait for your new home, this underscores the need to work with a full-service moving company. We can pack your household and place your items in storage until your new home is ready. Master Movers goes the extra mile for Portland residents to make sure your move runs smoothly. Contact us for a free estimate.