Involving your children in the moving process makes for an easy transition.

Moving With Children

No matter why you are moving, it’s sure to bring out a mix of emotions. On the one hand, you may feel excited for new adventures, happy about your new home or optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead. On the other hand, you may feel apprehensive about changing your routine, or sad at leaving the neighborhood and friends you know.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably feeling some combination of these—perhaps even all of them at once! Undoubtedly, your children are feeling the same emotions, too. To alleviate some of the stress for your children, try some of these tips to make the transition a little smoother.

Family Meeting Time

So you’ve decided: It’s time to move! If your not sure how to share this news with your children, it sounds like it’s time to call a family meeting! Conducting a family meeting to discuss the move and the changes it may bring is a great way to start the conversation off on the right foot. Let them know you’ll take the time to answer any questions and address any concerns they have.

To make the announcement less formal, incorporate the discussion into a fun family activity. For example, cook their favorite meal or break out their favorite board game before getting to the big news. The familiarity and closeness of these activities is a great way to begin this discussion on a positive note.

During the meeting, feel free to explain to them why you’re excited or happy about the move. To help build their excitement for the transition, try assigning age-appropriate jobs to the kids. Be sure to explain to them what their job entails during the preparation, moving and unpacking processes. Many children react positively to the sense of control and feelings of importance these jobs instill.

Pick Out Your New Home as a Family

As anyone who has hunted for a new home can attest, searching for a new house for your family is a big decision. Like all home buyers, you must consider budgets, jobs and everyone’s schedules. Families, however, must also take into account additional factors such as requirements for transitioning to the new school system.

Once the adults narrow down the choices, get feedback from your children on your picks for a potential new home. As I’m sure you know, kids don’t often pull their punches when it comes to their opinions. In some cases, their blunt and honest assessments may point out features or shortcomings you missed! In any case, by listening to their feedback and answering questions you can take some of the fear out of moving.

Let Your Children Take A Look for Themselves!

If your destination is near your current home, think about taking the kids to see the prospects in person. Letting them see and explore the new area can further aid in reducing their fear of the unknown. In fact, don’t be surprised if they become excited at the prospect of making new friends and finding new adventures!

If you’re new home is too far for a quick visit, take your children on a virtual tour with videos or pictures of the available homes and all that the new area has to offer. After your family has come to a decision, have a little celebration and begin researching the neighborhood you’ve selected!

Research the New Area

To help your family get more excited about the relocation, learn as much as possible about the new neighborhood and the local amenities.When doing your research, focus on finding active community groups, youth sports organizations and other family-friendly social activities.

Encourage the kids to conduct their own research, too! This will build their sense of inclusion in the relocation process and get them excited about their new home.

Sustain Normal Routines

With all of the change involved in moving, it’s important to maintain a feeling of stability and normalcy wherever you can. Stick to regular bed times, eat healthy family meals together and follow family traditions as much as is feasible. It’s easy to forget how important these rituals are when juggling all that is involved in a relocation, but their impact is more important now than ever.

Pack a Moving Day Bag

Letting your kids pack a moving day bag not only gives them something to do, it allows them to feel included and secure in the process. When packing a moving day bag, make sure they include hygiene items like tooth and hair brushes as well as a few of their favorite books and toys. Explain to them that it may take a while to get settled in the new house, but they will have the necessities in their bags no matter what.

Put on a Brave Face

Moving can be a tough transition, and you may be feeling scared or uncertain. However, as a parent, it’s important to set a good example for your children. The better you appear to handle the situation, the more confidence they will have. Staying positive and upbeat with your family will help your children to face the changes with their own positive attitudes.

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