Should you make a long distance move for love?

Is a Long Distance Move for Love a Good Idea?

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, chances are the topic of moving has come up. If you and your sweetheart are growing weary of spending more time apart than together, it might be time for a long-distance move. Is a long distance move for love a good idea? Most people would say yes, but it all depends on your circumstances.

Before one or both of you takes the plunge and starts shopping for a Portland moving companyconsider whether your relationship will be able to weather the turmoil and stress of moving.

Communicate Well Before You Make a Decision

Have several, in-depth conversations about the possibility of relocating to or from Oregon. If it feels awkward to talk about it, then it’s probably too soon to move. Talk about what your life will look like together in the next five to ten years, and if you can imagine still being in love and building a life together in that time frame, then you can probably start packing your bags for a move.

Research Life in the New City

What would life be like in the new city? Have you or they visited it before? What is the area’s job outlook? Will you both be happy in the new location? If you don’t think you can be happy living there long term, maybe moving to that city is not the right choice. If you are determined to live together in the same city, finding a neutral location where you are both new might be a better option. Consider visiting and getting to know that area as part of your “research.”

Save Money Before You Relocate

Moving is expensive. If you’re moving to the new city without a job, you’ll need to have savings to tide you over until you find work. Estimate how much moving to the new city will cost. You’ll need to include moving costs, travel expenses and housing if you’ll be moving to another home. Start saving until you have enough to live comfortably for a couple of months. If saving seems impossible, try to line up a new job before you move.

Weigh the Pros and Cons

Work with your partner to make a list of the positives and negatives of moving. Discuss each item in detail. Whichever one of you is moving, there will have to be some give and take. If the compromises feel like a small price to pay for togetherness, that’s a good sign.

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