How to Help Your Teenager Cope with a Move

How to Help Your Teenager Cope with a Move

Moving is a big transition for people of all ages. It can be even more difficult for a teenager. When you tell your teen you are moving, she may feel you are uprooting her or rocking the foundation she knows.

Teenagers generally need and enjoy structure, routine and predictability. During a move, those things are thrown out the window for a bit. If your teen is having trouble, here’s how to help your teenager cope with a move.

Give Your Teen Plenty of Warning

Giving your teenager time to process the upcoming move is important. Try not to hold off on breaking the news to her or him, because this could be detrimental in the long run. Instead, keep communication open and go over the details of the move. Explain why it’s important and good for the family. Let them do research on the new neighborhood or town so they can get an idea of what it’s like.

Let Your Teen Have Input in the Move

Don’t exclude your teenager from making decisions about the move. Consider what he or she has to say about neighborhoods and schools. Explore popular places in the new neighborhood or town, and make sure they feel their voice is heard. This gives them the opportunity to express their feelings and also makes them feel like they are contributing to the decisions being made. For example, ask their opinion on homes you’re looking at or allow them to pick out certain items for their new room.

Encourage Them to Keep in Touch With Old Friends

One of the hardest parts about moving is the feeling you may never see friends again. Encourage your teenager to keep in touch with friends through social media, Skype, and phone calls and texts. If you live within driving distance, plan to go back shortly to visit the area and see friends. This will make goodbyes a little bit easier.

Talk Positively About the Move

Your teenager picks up a lot from your attitudes and feelings. Talk about the move in a positive and encouraging way. If you consistently talk about feeling stressed, overwhelmed or nervous about the transition, you will automatically project those feeling, sometimes without even knowing it. Explain that the move will be an adventure and a way to have a fresh start.

Moving will be an adjustment no matter how much you try to make it easier. Amid the change, new memories are waiting to be made and a new chapter is about to begin.

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