Family Friendly Hikes in Oregon, happy parents and kids enjoy the outdoors.

Family Friendly Hikes in Oregon

Are you looking for family friendly hikes in Oregon? If you’re new to the area or just looking for things to do as a family, we’ve got some great ideas for the whole gang.

Many folks in the Pacific Northwest are addicted to the outdoors. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t get out and explore the trails around Portland. These family friendly hikes are easy for kids of all ages. So get outside and enjoy the sights and sounds of the great outdoors.

Easy Hikes Near Portland

Hike the Gardens

If your toddlers weren’t born with hiking boots on, they can still enjoy wandering around Portland’s beautiful and well-maintained gardens. The paths are groomed and easy on those little legs. The scenery can’t be beat. Don’t miss these gems in the Portland area:

  • The Japanese Garden
  • The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
  • The Leach Botanical Garden

Lower Macleay Trail

A step up from the garden venue takes us to the Lower Macleay Trail. You will find it by starting at the parking lot at Northwest Upshur Street & 29th Avenue. The parking lot is just north of the popular spots on 29th. This trail takes you up along Balch Creek into the southeastern corner of Forest Park. If you’re bringing the little ones along, you will want to turn around at Stone House, or make it a loop along Wildwood Trail. If you go the full distance, it will take you to Pittock Mansion.

Hoyt Arboretum

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Zoo in Washington Park you will find Hoyt Arboretum. Grab a map at the visitor center and plan your route. There are several trails around the park. The abundance of signage will help you keep on track.

Tryon Creek State Park

Just a few minutes south of Portland is Tryon Creek State Park. This is one of the most scenic and beautiful hikes in Oregon. There are abundant trails to plan a route through the park, and no matter where you start, you will be in awe of this forest.

Mt. Tabor Park

Yep, it’s a volcano, but don’t worry it’s extinct. You will find this park just east of the Hawthorne neighborhood. A large selection of trails will allow you to pick the amount of up-and-down you want to conquer. Some of the grades are steep. At the summit, the view of Portland is not to be missed!

Latourell Falls

If it’s waterfalls you want, these are the closest to the city, and many think they’re the most scenic. There’s a loop trail to the upper falls that is 2.5 miles total. At the base, the lower falls await and these give Multnomah Falls a run for their money any day. A short 30-minute drive from downtown will get you there.

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