different types of cardboard boxes

Different Types of Moving Boxes

You’re moving!  That means it’s time to pack everything in your house and get it ready to transport to your new home. Do you know what kind of moving boxes you need? Grabbing the nearest cardboard box isn’t always the best idea, especially when it comes to packing some of your valuable items. Here, we listed some of the variety of moving boxes available so you can be sure you get the right one for your specific moving needs.

Wardrobe Boxes or Cartons:

These boxes are perfect for transporting clothes that you want to remain hanging during the move. These types of boxes are also helpful for drapes or curtains that you don’t want wrinkled in transport.

Mirror cartons:

These types of cartons come in a variety of sizes and work well to transport breakable items like glass table top covers, mirrors, or picture frames. Measure the items in your home so you know how many mirror cartons you need. The pieces of the carton can be fitted together so they are flexible enough to fit a variety of pieces.


Transporting your dishes, crystal, antiques, or valuable china is one of the most stressful parts of packing because if you don’t pack everything just right, things could easily be damaged, cracked, or broken. These cartons are very safe, as they are constructed with multiple layers of extra-strength cardboard.

Small boxes/cartons (1.5 cubic ft):

These are the smallest cartons available and are safe to carry less than 50 pounds. These boxes are ideal for books, CDs, small appliances, lamp shades, tools, or canned goods.

Medium boxes/cartons (3 cubic ft):

These are some of the most popular boxes out there because of the convenient size and ample capacity. These boxes are great for packing electronics, pots and pans, clothing, towels, kitchen appliances, and more.

Med-Large boxes/cartons (4.5 Cubic ft):

This box can carry up to 65 pounds and is ideal for moving linens, large lamps, children’s toys, clothes, and other kitchen tools/utensils. Since the container is larger, it’s easy to pack it too full. Remember that the larger the box you have, the lighter the items that should be packed in it. Otherwise, it could end up breaking from the bottom and spilling/damaging your possessions. We generally suggest not making boxes heavier than 50 pounds.

Large carton (6 to 6.5 cubic ft):

This is the largest container out there and is best used for carrying some of the light but bulky or awkward items that you have to pack. These boxes are great for area rugs, coats, stuffed toys, comforters, and more.

Mattress box:

If you’re planning a quick move and intend to set up your bed(s) right away, a mattress box may not be necessary. But, if you are going to store the mattress for any period of time, a mattress box is highly recommended. It will help keep the mattress protected from punctures and other elements that could soil or damage it. These come in any size you need, ranging from crib-size to king-size.

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