The best time to move can make this stressful task more enjoyable.

When is the Best Time to Move?

Why does it feel like every spring and summer there are a lot more moving trucks on the road than there are throughout the rest of the year? It’s not your imagination. More people choose spring and summer as the best time to move than any other — and for good reason.

The Weather Plays a Key Role

No one enjoys the hassle of moving, but if you’re lucky enough to choose your best time to move, there are certain seasons that are better than others. The weather during the spring and summer months — March through September — is generally more conducive to moving than the weather during the fall and winter. For obvious reasons, traveling in warmer weather sure beats driving in the snow and cold. However, nice weather is not the only reason that moving during the spring or summer is more popular.

The School Year

Moving can be tough on everyone, but it can be especially difficult for kids. At the same time, moving with kids also has its challenges for parents. One important factor that can make the entire process go smoother is timing your move around the school year.

Typically, the school year ends in late spring and starts just before fall. Thus, by choosing to move during the spring or summer your kids get the chance to finish the school year where they started. It also allows them to start the new school year with all their classmates at their new school, making the transition that much easier.

More Options Available

Another reason people choose spring and summer as the best time to move is more housing options are available. College students are graduating or going home for the summer, while growing families are often looking for more room. With so many people relocating at this time of year, there are often more options available. That often includes plenty of apartments and rental homes — many of which are offered for lower prices.

Furthermore, this is also a popular time to sell or buy a home, as more people are looking to purchase during this time of year. Summer is the best time to enter the real estate market as that’s when the market is busiest. The buyer pool is larger for sellers, and buyers have more houses to choose from in your new location. All of this combined makes the warmer months the best time to move for many people.

Work Flexibility

Whether moving across town or across the country, most people usually have to miss at least a few workdays when they relocate. Spring or summer can be the best time to move since, in most cases, their work schedule is more flexible. This is the time many families go on vacation and some businesses see their workflow slow down, which makes summer the ideal time to miss a few days of work.

Master Movers Can Help You During the Best Time to Move!

Let’s face it: almost no one looks forward to moving. However, with the right help and proper planning, your move can actually be a pleasant experience! By choosing the best time to move ,during the spring and summer, you can increase your chances of having a much better experience than other times of the year. When you’re ready, contact Master Movers for help with your next move. Whether it’s across the country or just a few blocks away, we’ll get your valuable possessions there safely.