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5 Things to Complete Before You Start Packing

Moving is easier if you organize your household before you fill the first box. Whether you’re packing yourself or hiring a Portland moving company to do the work for you, here are five things to complete before you start packing:

Tip #1: Clutter, Be Gone!

Before you start packing, go through each room in your home and get rid of clutter. Set aside things you want to keep. Make separate piles for items you plan to donate, sell or throw away.

Tip #2: Clean, Clean, Clean

Starting your packing adventure with a clean house will make things a lot easier. Don’t do a deep cleaning just yet. A quick tidying up is all that’s needed. Put away items that are out of place. Wipe down tables and countertops, vacuum, sweep and mop.

Tip #3: Organize Everything

Packing can be an overwhelming task if you don’t organize your belongings. Make sure everything is in its place, putting items that should stay together in designated boxes and rooms. Working in one room at a time will remind you of how much you’ve completed and how much there is left to do.

Tip #4: Get a Labeling System in Place

Labeling as you pack is important. If you get a system started while you’re putting the house in order, you’re one step ahead. Having your belongings sorted into appropriate rooms will help professional movers, and make life easier for you if you’re packing yourself.

Start by creating a standardized labeling system that will help organize belongings. The labels should tell you which rooms the boxes should be unloaded into, and a brief description of what’s in the box is also beneficial. Place a label on the top and side of your boxes.

Tip #5: Get the Right Boxes and Containers.

If you plan to pack yourself, get packing materials well ahead of time. Be sure that you get boxes of all sizes. Get plenty of padding and paper to keep fragile items safe. Consider getting containers designed to keep such items as dishes and glassware safe. Also, when you’re buying boxes, check the return policy. Many places will allow you return items that you don’t need.

Preparing your home for packing can make moving less chaotic. Sorting, purging and labeling ahead of time makes packing much more efficient.


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